Murray Uniforms upcoming webinar: How do I deliver a sustainable uniform programme?

Murray Uniforms

Murray Uniforms presents the 4th webinar from the series, ’40 Fundamentals to Delivering Extraordinary Uniform ROI’ with the upcoming broadcast for their sustainability webinar titled, ‘How do I deliver a sustainable uniform programme?’

Scheduled for 9th December at 11am – 11:45am, Murray Uniform poses questions and provides insights to their listeners.

Newly announced, Chiara Galimberti, Business Development Director for leading recycling specialist Worn Again will be speaking and sharing her insights.This webinar focuses on the sustainability of uniform and the impact on the environment, the essential circular economy of uniform and if prevention is better than a cure when it comes to landfill waste. We also take a look at how uniform wearers feel about sustainability when it comes to their corporate uniform.

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Has there ever been a more important time to make your uniform programme work harder for your business and your people?

Current market pressures and uncertainty has created a challenging environment for any business to deliver big returns on investment, let alone extraordinary returns.

In this unique webinar series, we delve straight into the core fundamentals that will enable you to deliver greater returns on your own business’s uniform program.

We share market insights that drive profitable manufacturing, as well as specific data on what wearers want and need from their corporate uniform and workwear, as well as how their current uniform impacts their wellbeing.

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