MYSTERY RANCH® Backpacks Partners with CORDURA® Brand

INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand announces a total of 21 award wins across 13 categories and 19 fabrics, at ISPO Textrends, the Functional Fabric Fair and PERFORMANCE DAYS® 2021.

MYSTERY RANCH, the industry-leading pack company built on a heritage of comfortable load carriage, function, and durability for people who have a mission to accomplish, announces its partnership with INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand and the debut of CORDURA®re/corTM RN66 in its Fall 2022 new product line-up.

For over 20 years, MYSTERY RANCH has been building some of the finest load carriage equipment for elite military, wildland firefighters and mountain professionals. This August, MYSTERY RANCH will unveil the DISTRICT Series, a new line of everyday carry bags and packs made with CORDURA®re/corTM fabric, urging the outdoor industry to ‘Expect More, Waste Less.’ Nylon 6,6 challenges the throw-away mentality within the textile industry, making it easier for consumers to understand how one ingredient and quality craftmanship can allow them to get maximum life from their gear and apparel. For those who demand durability and sustainability, there’s no better choice.

“Our company partnership with CORDURA® has a long and special history, but the launch of the DISTRICT Series heralds a new chapter in our brand story and our unyielding focus on design and innovation. With CORDURA® re/corTM, we are able to remain committed to product quality and durability and introduce our first line of packs made from fully recycled materials.”

MYSTERY RANCH has been committed to conserving the environment. Minimising poly bagging and incorporating recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging programme was a start, but there is always more to be done. Enter CORDURA re/corTM fabric – high-quality yarns spun into durable fabrics made from reclaimed waste resources – an advanced, new fabric used in our DISTRICT Series packs. Featuring a collection of five perfectly organised packs and bags, the DISTRICT 2, 4, 8, 18 and 24 are ideal companions for travel, back-to-school, and your next favorite outdoor adventure.

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