News in the Cotton Industry: The Egyptian Cotton Market

Egypt has a long standing history in the cotton market. Since its foundation it has been one of the most famous cotton producers worldwide.
Thanks to the fertile ground which surrounds the Nile Delta, conditions are perfect to create the luxurious qualities which characterise Egyptian cotton.
Nevertheless, as a consequence of a State taxation introduced in 1960, Egypt lost it’s primary position as cotton producer. Other countries, such as United States, Brazil, India, and Australia are now leading the sector. The main reason behind the Egyptian decline can be found in the little profit that the producers were making due to the lack of modernisation of the cotton chain production, which is still mainly manual. The liberalisation of the cotton sector, in 1994, is also a cause related to the Egyptian cotton decline as the cultivation become too expansive compare to the profit made.
Finally, Egyptian cotton is still recognised for the “durability, fineness and luxurious softness” of the products and some few designers are now trying to revive the Egyptian market selling luxury high-quality finished cotton based products in the European and International Market.
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