North Carolina textile industry reinvigorated by Founder’s Hemp partnership with Nufrabrx®

Founder’s Hemp, which is North Carolina’s first registered hemp processing company has partnered with Nufabrx® – a biomaterials technology company.

This partnership is aiming to reinvigorate the North Carolina Textile industry and plans to introduce infused textiles, which will in turn, bring new quality textile jobs to the area.

Over the last three years, Founder’s Hemp and Nufabrx have carried out testing to develop a compression sleeve garment – named Hemp Sleeve – using Founder’s Hemp CBD Oil. The hemp extract will be infused into the fibres of the Nufabrx yarn, This is a patented technology that delivers 3-dimensions, 360 ° of active relief to the elbow and knee.

Bob Crumley, Founder and CEO of Founder’s Hemp is aiming to break the stigma against hemp, by linking it into the textile industry. ‘We want to get more people thinking more about how hemp can be used to help grow other industries,’ he said.

Specialty products, such as the infused textiles you will find in Hemp Squeeze, are one way to bring to quality textile jobs back to the state.

‘We’re taking a brand new industry – hemp – and taking an old industry – textiles – and we’re using new technology to help rejuvenate textiles in North Carolina,’ said Crumley. ‘I never dreamed, when we first started this 3 years ago, that our Hemp Squeeze product would be made in Asheboro.’

The textile industry has been an important facet of North Carolina’s economy for decades. Many workers jobs were threated when, in the early 2000s, North Carolina textile facilities began to move overseas or were, at worst, shut down.

‘In Asheboro alone, thousands of people losttheir jobs,’ said Crumley.

In Randolph Country, NC, a county with a huge history of textile manufacturing, there has been a 43% decline in textile jobs between 2010 and 2018, according to Randolph Country, NC Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

The founder of Nufabrx®, Jonathan Schindler, moved his headquarters in 2016 from Seattle to the Manufacturing Solutions Centre (MSC) in Conover, NC. He stated, ‘To move my vision forward, I needed a home base that understood the textile industry.’

He continued, ‘Nufabrx is extremely excited to partner with Founder’s Hemp to launch an entirely new category of CBD infused products. Health war is the next generation of clothing, with CBD and other actives built directly into the garment itself. No longer does the consumer need to remember to take multiple pills, use messy creams or patches; JUST GET DRESSED.’

The national product launch for Hemp Squeeze is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

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