Odegon Technologies Ltd continues on its growth streak with new international clients

Odegon Technologies

PCIAW® Trusted Member, Odegon Technologies Ltd is delighted to announce that surf retailer Ripcurl Australia have now been added to their ever-expanding client base.

Ripcurl is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of surfing sportswear and accompanying products. Globally, Ripcurl is considered one of the “Top Three” of the surfing industry alongside Quicksilver and Billabong.

Odegon’s latest innovative product Deopac is being placed inside one of their fabulous everyday tote bags which will soon be launching to market. Ideal for transporting essentials or used as a high-quality work bag this practical product will be available in an off-white colour in crinkle polyester.

Deopac fabric strips are the only non-allergenic, environmentally friendly fabric solution for bag odours. This unique technology works due to air movement which happens every time the bag is moved trapping all nasty odours created from everyday bag contents. Not only that, Deopac is chemical and perfume free, giving Ripcurl confidence knowing their customers will have the best in odour protection.

Odegon Technologies

Odegon Technologies is an innovative health-related nano-materials company that primarily designs and develops products utilising groundbreaking nano-material technology for absorbing odours.

With roots in military protection, the technology in Odegon products is based on a special type of nano-porous material that traps odour molecules using a completely inert, chemical-free process. As a result of the Van der Waals force, odour molecules are trapped and retained leaving nothing but fresh smelling air.

Odegon Technologies have solutions for many products that create odours such as sportswear, suits, and uniforms plus many other ranges.

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