On Stand with GORE-TEX Professional

GORE-TEX Professional supplies GORE and GORE-TEX laminates and fabric technologies to its licenced partners who manufacture durable and protective garments, gloves and footwear for professional end-use.  For over 40 years GORE-TEX Professional has provided multi-norm PPE, which is trusted on a global scale by firefighters, rescue services, military, engineers, service providers and many other professionals.

Gore’s extensive product portfolio provides specific fabric solutions to meet particular protective needs for many industry sectors.  Gore not only meticulously tests its product technologies in strict laboratory conditions but also end products in real working environments. The result: high-quality, long-lasting comfort & protection and responsible performance.

At this year’s PCIAW exhibition GORE-TEX Professional will be displaying and demonstrating a variety of products which have been engineered to ensure the highest levels of safety, comfort and protection.

GORE-TEX PYRAD® Stretch:  Expanding its arc rated PYRAD® portfolio, GORE has developed a technical fusion of foul weather multi-norm arc rated class 2 protection with outstanding lightweight stretch wearer comfort.

Challenging outdoor working conditions for electrical engineers require outstanding PPE solutions. New GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch technology is the result of intensive research and development. It combines GORE’s proprietary technologies with different engineering techniques: the resulting arc rated Class 2 fabric technology has a unique stretch which provides electrical workers with an extremely comfortable, easy to wear and lightweight solution to arc rated foul weather protection.

GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD: New EXTRAGUARD upper technology for GORE-TEX safety footwear responds to end user demands for four season robust, waterproof-breathable and protective safety footwear which is permanently lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

GORE-TEX Professional has developed EXTRAGUARD upper technology which combines the advantages of leather with those of textile upper materials and has been designed for workers within construction, demolition, rail, utilities and agriculture. 

EXTRAGUARD upper material is 40 per cent lighter than leather and it stays light even when working in extreme weather conditions.   GORE-TEX safety footwear with EXTRAGUARD upper technology is resistant to chemicals, is colour fast and doesn’t need to be broken in: its comfortable from first wear.  Even following long periods of heavy use the material doesn’t wrinkle. The 3-layer EXTRAGUARD upper technology is vegan and chromium-free.  Significantly fewer chemicals, lower water consumption and  minimized CO2 emissions during production of the upper ensure a lower environmental footprint compared to conventional upper materials for safety footwear. 

The GORE-TEX Professional team will be on stand throughout the exhibition to answer any enquires and to further explain and demonstrate product benefits.  


PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member