Ontario launches construction site safety blitz

PCIAW | PCIAW News | Ontario launches construction site safety blitz

Monte McNaughton – Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development has announced workplace inspectors will begin a safety blitz focusing on construction sites throughout the province.

During this blitz, inspectors will focus on personal protective equipment, including skin protection (such as gloves), face shields, eye protection, hearing protectors and high visibility clothing.

Without such PPE equipment, workers can harmful risks such as cuts, punctures, chemical burns, electric shocks or exposure to excessive noise or vibration.

“We’re doing this to save lives,” McNaughton commented. “One death on a job site is one too many. I want everyone in this province to know we’re doing our best to ensure that their loved ones come home safe after a hard day’s work”

The safety blitz will run until 13th March and follows four weeks of outreach to the province’s construction sector to educate and assist in safety compliance.

Ministry inspectors will also visit road-building projects in addition to construction sites.

“Everyone has a role here,” McNaughton continued. “Employers have to provide equipment to their workers and workers have to wear it properly”

The safety blitz is all part of the government’s Safe At work Ontario strategy to improve worker health and safety by helping employers comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its regulations.

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