Opportunity for PPE and Workwear Supply

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143_24 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Workwear and Clothing


18000000-9 – Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories

33735100-2 – Protective goggles


A Framework for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Workwear and Clothing.

Items bought through the framework are to be delivered in bulk to the ESPO Distribution Centre and to be delivered directly to individual ESPO customers in varying quantities on a national basis.

Lot 1 – General PPE and Safety Equipment
Lot 2 – Workwear
Lot 3 – Children’s Clothing and Accessories
Lot 4 – Footwear

The framework agreement has the option to extend for up to a further 24 months. The total estimated value stated includes the option period.

The minimum financial requirement for the purposes of the current tender exercise is stated in the procurement documents.

This framework will operate on-going contract monitoring procedures following award, to ensure financial stability requirements are maintained.

Credit rating checks will be carried out on a regular basis, using a credit rating agency.

Any changes will be assessed (compared with a baseline credit rating score obtained at contract award stage) and significant changes or sustained degradation will be investigated.

Please ensure that you access the ITT Event / Activity (Activity summary screen) for the tender documentation once an Expression of interest (‘register interest’) has been completed (the attached guide is included for extra reference where required). Note: for any questions relating to the operation of the Portal itself, ProContract, these should be submitted to Proactis, and the following link (url) can be used for this for supplier support and system technical queries: https://www.proactis.com/uk/en/support-login/support/. Otherwise, any questions relating to the Tender content should be submitted to ESPO by accessing the ‘Messages’ section once an Expression of interest has been completed.

Region of Supply

United Kingdom

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Page Link: 143_24 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Workwear and Clothing (due-north.com)

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