Out now: PCIAW®VOICE February-April edition


The February-April edition of PCIAW®VOICE drives forward further innovations in the professional clothing and PPE industry, including nearshoring manufacturing opportunities, growth in business and special recognitions from the PCIAW® Summit & Awards.


The PCIAW® delves into the professional clothing and PPE industry to bring the latest information about innovative developments in technology, updates on industry-specific news and information about our upcoming trade delegation to Tunisia.

Access exclusive insights from industry leaders as we highlight the emerging talent of the association’s growing membership, delve into the history of the coverall with Gore and view the showcase of uniforms from the defence to aviation sectors.

Feature in PCIAW®VOICE May-July edition: Contact our Editor, Declan Osborn, to get your voice heard in the next edition of PCIAW®VOICE. Email: declan@pciaw.org

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Out now: PCIAW®VOICE February-April edition. Click here to view.