PaperTale and Sail Racing Present a Uniquely Traceable Sportswear Collection


The traceability of fashion items is taken to a new level when Swedish sportswear brand Sail Racing and PaperTale team up in a recently launched collection.

“Taking responsibility for the supply chain is the first step towards sustainability.”

Sail Racing is a Swedish brand that designs and constructs innovative and technical gear for high-speed sailing.  They put a lot of love into every detail when creating their products. But making sure that all parts of the production are handled ethically can be a challenge, according to Henric Vikestam, head of design and production.

“We are always looking for ways of being more transparent and reducing our environmental impact in the value chain.”

By collaborating with PaperTale, Vikestam can be sure that the suppliers are responsible and that Sail Racing’s customers know what they are purchasing. One day, he hopes that all of Sail Racing’s clothes could be completely traceable.

All garments come with a unique, scannable NFC tag. Through the PaperTale app, the customers have full insight into all steps of the supply chain: from the farmers who grow the cotton to the craftsmen and women who sew the clothes.

PaperTale uses only science-based knowledge and extensive research to show the raw truth behind each garment produced. Clothing garments are often made from multiple materials and come from multiple sources.  PaperTale technology shows the complexities of the supply chain, where every single transaction that occurs in the process of making a garment is given a timestamp and a unique ID in the public blockchain network.  Thereby allowing the customer, using the PaperTale app, full insight into the sustainability and social aspect of each clothing garment produced.

This unique collection is now available online at Sail Racing store here.

“This technology is a game-changer in the way that it reveals the truth behind the product. By the truth, I mean that we can provide verified information about the social aspects of the manufacturing process and not just information about the components of the garment. A fashion item is a complex product. This is why true transparency takes a lot of patience. With these complexities in mind, we’ve created a system that automatically calculates and verifies all the steps in the process. All our efforts make sense when I see a consumer reaction after scanning the PaperTale tag and appreciating this new level of transparency. PaperTale delivers proof to consumers and distinguishes the brands from those who make false and empty claims. The truth is in the details and taking responsibility for the supply chain in full is the first step towards sustainability.”