Paul Castelli on Milliken and PCIAW® partnership: “We’re striving to positively impact the world.”

The PCIAW® is pleased to join Paul Castelli, International Sales Director at Westex: A Milliken Brand, to discuss Milliken's headline sponsorship of the esteemed PCIAW® Summit & Awards on 2-3 November 2021.
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The PCIAW® is pleased to join Paul Castelli, International Sales Director at Westex: A Milliken Brand, to discuss Milliken’s headline sponsorship of the esteemed PCIAW® Summit & Awards on 2-3 November 2021.

Leading flooring designer and manufacturer Milliken is proud to be celebrating its 100th year of production in Britain.

We’re honoured to have Paul Castelli launch the PCIAW® Summit with Yvette Ashby on 2nd November, representing Milliken & Company as it proudly celebrates 100 years of manufacturing in the UK. Join us as we discuss the significance of the PCIAW® Summit & Awards, our historic joint relationship, highlights from previous events, and Milliken’s exciting vision for the future.

How does the PCIAW® event align with Milliken & Company’s values?

We’re striving together to positively impact the world. This event allows us to benchmark how we are doing against the rest of the industry, it allows us to align with those who have common interests and most importantly it assists us in working to move the industry in the right direction for important topics like sustainability.

The highly-anticipated PCIAW® Summit, Networking & Awards event on the 2nd - 3rd November 2021, sponsored by Milliken & Company, is set to be relocated to the Hilton London Metropole, one of the largest and most prestigious hotels in Europe.

What successes has Milliken & Company had from sponsoring PCIAW® events?

PCIAW® events are an important tool for our team to make authentic connections that turn into lasting relationships. Since participating, we have managed to open up conversations with various garment manufacturers and other industry experts that further our goals in Europe and beyond.

What are your favourite highlights from the previous PCIAW® events?

For me, it was great to meet new people from across the industry and from different parts of the world. I always appreciate the opportunity to hear and share best practices. One thing that stood out was the general consensus that more needed to be done within the industry on measurable sustainability objectives.

What was your experience in presenting at the 2019 PCIAW® event and did you ever anticipate that your talk on PPE would become so relevant from the 2020 pandemic?

Presenting at the 2019 event was a terrific experience. It’s always fun presenting material you know well while wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie event—in London to top it off. I never anticipated the type of fanfare received following my presentation or that so many folks would find it relevant, especially in light of the global pandemic. I appreciate everyone’s support and interest.

As International Sales Director, what are your plans for Westex in this year’s event?

At this event, we want to step up our efforts to bridge the technology and solutions gap with certain garment manufacturers and industrial laundries we have been having conversations with recently. We also want to dive into sustainability and how others are approaching important debates over the next few years.

How excited are you for the 2021 event after a year of lockdowns?

You have no idea—very excited!  This will be one of our first major international events in-person this year, and certainly the first of this style since the start of COVID-related lockdowns. The entire team is looking forward to the Summit and everything that it brings to our industry—networking, innovation, inspiration and so much more.

What will you be exhibiting at the PCIAW® event?


Westex will be launching new products at A+A in Germany the week prior to the Summit that address specific needs in the European market. Some of these products have a broader, international appeal and we will be ready to present these products at the PCIAW® event. We will also be showcasing our annual Corporate Sustainability Report which covers our aggressive company-wide goals and how we are benchmarking against them. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Milliken & Company.

Thank you Paul Castelli, for an enlightening and informative interview.

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