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Terms and Conditions PCA Vision 2021

Terms & Conditions of Entry

PCA VISION 2021 is organised and run by Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®), South House 3A Suite 4, Bond Estate, Bond Avenue, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1SW. Company Reg No 11086791

1. All entries for PCA VISION 2021 must be submitted using the official PCA VISION 2021 entry form on the PCIAW® website. Incomplete entries may be rejected.

2. A separate entry form must be used for each separate product, component or process submission. Multiple submissions on a single form will not be accepted.

3. Each college/university may submit up to three (3) entries in PCA VISION 2021 for each category of PPE, Workwear and Corporatewear. There is a maximum of one award permitted per category.

4. By submitting an entry, the entrant confirms that they have the right to enter and have obtained all and any consents, permissions and authorisations that may be necessary in order for them to enter.

1. Warranties: By submitting a design for PCA VISION 2021 the participants warrant and represent that their design is original and does not violate or misappropriate any third-party trade secret, know-how, copyright, patent or other intellectual property right. Participants also warrant and represent that there are no obligations of any nature, legal or otherwise, which would prohibit, restrict, or interfere with their participation in PCA VISION 2021 or submission of their design, and agree to obtain any necessary clearances, authorisations and/or approvals prior to participation.

5. Receipt of entry will not be acknowledged unless the entrant makes provision for this.

6. The organisers of PCA VISION 2021 will not accept liability for late or lost entries, or illegible or fraudulent entries, and have the right to refuse entries which do not comply with the awards rules.

7. If deemed appropriate, the Panel (Entries will be judged by a panel of independent experts drawn from senior operators in product technology and innovation and those in academic fields of textiles, fashion and design) may suggest that an entry be moved from one category to another. Should this occur, the entrant will be contacted for permission in advance.

8. The Panel’s decision will be based solely on the information as submitted and presented.

9. The awards presented are at the Panel’s discretion. If entries do not meet the standard required outlined in the Awards criteria the Panel reserves the right not to select a winner.

10. Winners will be awarded as such; The Milliken Award (£1,000.00); PCA VISION Award (£1,000.00); Best University Award (£500.00). The University from which the winner of the PCA VISION Award originates will also receive the Best University Award. The winners will be announced at the Professional Clothing Awards 2021 evening event scheduled to take place on Wednesday 17th July 2021. Event details may change.

11. The Panel’s decision in respect of winners is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into in respect of any such decision.

12. Winners may be required to participate in related publicity. PCA VISION 2021 reserve the right to use the entrant’s name, likeness, image, voice, and/or biographical information in any publicity, statement, advertising, trade or other promotional activity made in connection with the Professional Clothing Awards and PCA VISION 2021.

13. An Award does not imply any warranty that PCA VISION and the Professional Clothing Awards and PCIAW® in any way endorse a design, product, component, process or service or that it is safe or performs technically or otherwise in a satisfactory fashion.

14. Intellectual Property: No licenses under any technology, trade secrets, know-how, or any copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of PCIAW® and PCA VISION 2021, its affiliates or any third party are granted to the participants of the PCA VISION 2021 under this contest.

15. All submissions are at the entrant’s own risk and should be insured accordingly. Entrants should make their own provision for the return of any samples or supporting evidence. The organisers are in no way responsible for returning any samples or supporting evidence.

16. License: By submitting your design work for PCA VISION 2021 (as outlined in 5.1), you grant the PCIAW® a worldwide, royalty free, transferrable license to publish, present, feature, display or use your design in any marketing materials or activity as it sees fit, including any tradeshows. This license (i) includes the rights to reproduce, adapt and represent (in private or in public), in whole or in part and without limitation in terms of number, the design, by any means currently known or unknown (notably via online or offline communications), and any media, physical or virtual, fixed or mobile currently known or unknown, on any platform currently known or unknown, and (ii) is granted, for free and on a non-exclusive basis, for the whole world and for the duration of the legal protection of the rights relating to the design.

17. The details of the Professional Clothing Awards and PCA VISION 2021 are correct at the time of publication but the PCIAW® may make amendments at any time and are not obliged to inform entrants of any subsequent changes other than what is published generally.

18. The Panel and Professional Clothing Show will treat all information, supporting evidence and samples submitted in the strictest confidence.

19. Data protection: Your personal information will be collected and used for the purposes of administering the PCA VISION 2021 and awarding the prizes. It may also be used to communicate with you about the PCIAW® or its products, services, or promotions. You have the right to access and correct the information held about you. This right can be exercised by contacting PCIAW® via www.pciaw.org. You may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of your personal data.

20. PCIAW® does not accept liability for loss to entrants of any sort as a result of entry and submission.

21. Employees and relatives of the employees of PCIAW® will not be eligible to enter the Awards.

22. Relatives of the Panel, and employees of the companies and institutions to which the Panel judges are professionally associated, will not be eligible to enter the Awards.

23. By submitting an entry you are automatically deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions in their entirety.

24. English law shall govern PCA VISION 2021 and the terms and conditions listed above.

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