PCIAW® Awards 2023: Fibre2Fashion Consulting – Healthcare Design

The PCIAW® (Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide) is honoured to represent the industry which protects frontline workers practising medicine across the world. Vital to their work is the design of their medical garments, and designers such as Fibre2Fashion Consulting are helping to create innovative and responsible products for health services, receiving the 2023 Healthcare Design Award at the 2023 PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards, held at the Alfandega Congress Centre in the iconic city of Porto, Portugal, on the 9th of November 2023.

Awarded for the inspiring work done to design healthcare garments for Dutch healthcare, Fiber2Fashion Consulting were part of the consortium which developed reusable and recyclable protective gowns for frontline medical workers. These gowns conform to ISO Standards, and have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to limit the spread of infection on hospital wards, adding extra protection for the men and women risking their lives every day.

The Award was presented by Natalie Wilson, Managing Director of Shield 360, and Nisha Muire, Uniform Program Manager at Air Canada. Elated to receive their second award of the night, Annette van Es and Rick van Es would go on to win another award that evening, winning an astonishing 3 PCIAW® Awards in total for their work in healthcare design and innovative camouflage systems.

The PCIAW® is proud to celebrate and reward the individuals and companies demonstrating innovation and creativity to deliver value in the professional clothing industry through the globally esteemed PCIAW® Industry Awards. The 2023 event was a resounding success for networking and professional development in professional clothing, and the association aims to welcome the network back to Birmingham in November 2024.

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