PCIAW® Board Director Natalie Wilson appointed to NFCC committee

PCIAW nominates Natalie Wilson to NFCC committee

The National Fire Chief’s Council (NFCC) has for the first time established a PPE and Workwear Committee.  The NFCC committee is part of the National Clothing Category Strategy under the National Fire Commercial Transformation Programme, which incorporates PPE, Workwear and Specialist Fire Fighting PPE – it has a combined category spend in the region of £20m per annum, across the UK.

As part of their strategy, the NFCC PPE and Workwear Committee wanted to engage with industry stakeholders who would bring knowledge and expertise from within the entire professional clothing and PPE supply chain.

By nominating a representative to the NFCC Committee, the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) can add significant value in terms of offering wider industry knowledge and experience to aid the future development of PPE and workwear for the fire service.

PCIAW® is delighted to confirm that the nomination of our Board Director, Natalie Wilson, has been accepted by the NFCC Committee, to represent our association on the committee. Natalie is an ideal candidate to support the NFCC Committee as she has over 15 years’ experience in the industry, including working with end-users across the fire, police and healthcare services in addition to the hospitality and transport sectors.

Natalie will be able to bring her experience of working within factories as well as her understanding of the technical development for workwear and PPE garments to the NFCC Committee. Her direct experience of laundry provision for both the fire service and wider industry, including the development, certification and manufacturing of industrially launderable garments will provide invaluable insights that the committee needs. Natalie’s also worked as a member of BSI committee responsible for BS 8617 Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair of Firefighters PPE.

Whilst PCIAW®’s Board Director Natalie has previously worked with the fire service to develop and supply station wear as part of a layered, ensemble approach, she does not supply to the fire service directly. Natalie will bring a neutral approach for the benefit of the NFCC committee and the important work they do, without commercial interest.

Natalie commented “I am truly delighted to be able to be involved and appreciate the committee’s support of my nomination”, adding: “This is a really exciting opportunity to draw on the broad knowledge of PCIAW members to offer innovative solutions and new ideas to uniform wearers across the fire service – helping to protect those who protect us”

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