Yvette Ashby, CEO and Founder of PCIAW® is steering the development of the professional clothing industry

With 25 years experience in the textile industry, we felt Yvette Ashby was the right choice for connecting businesses within the professional clothing supply chain to facilitate the development of PCIAW® Trusted Members’ businesses.

The PCIAW® is the only institution which is solely dedicated to providing a voice and platform to the global professional clothing industry. As a non-profit organisation, the PCIAW® is unbiased in its views and is capable of breaking down competitive obstacles to cooperation and collaboration for the benefit of the entire industry. The PCIAW® connects, networks and establishes rising stars and industry leaders within the professional clothing industry and does so with pride.

A vital source of business contacts and information

Yvette Ashby, CEO and Founder of PCIAW® has worked within the textile industry for over 25 years, championing innovation and collaboration in the director-e magazine. No other person was as equipped as she, to take the reins and steer the professional clothing industry. Yvette opens doors for new opportunities for PCIAW® Trusted Members and helps to develop their businesses. The workwear, corporatewear and PPE markets are vast and specialist – true expertise is required to help navigate the good from the bad – the certified from the fraudulent.

PCIAW® fills the void for the professional clothing industry

PCIAW® was born out of an industry need. No association was focusing on the global professional clothing industry and so it lacked representation. Yvette was called upon to transform director-e into an association and fill the void.

The PCIAW® respects accountability, integrity, innovation, trust and collaboration. Our association establishes partnerships with businesses who are serious innovators or inspire to be the next pioneers in the workwear, corporatewear, PPE and its entire supply chain, plus the technology and accessories markets.

Yvette Ashby, CEO of PCIAW® comments: “Sustainability lies at the heart of the professional clothing industry and we all have to play our parts to make sure we achieve a commercial circular textile economy. All buyers, suppliers and manufacturers must take responsibility for the future of our planet. PCIAW® are here to help you navigate the minefield of sustainable action to make a difference. Please do not use sustainability as a marketing tool or buzzword without following through with concrete action.”

The PCIAW® mission

Our mission is to educate and inform the PCIAW® community of the latest developments in our industry, right across the spectrum of the professional clothing supply chain. From fibre and fabric producers; manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, buyers and end users – the PCIAW® is a unique source of information. 

Whilst PCIAW® connects the supply chain, we are also relied upon across the global buyers market. We offer support and advice on complexities of tendering, helping to demystify the process and maximise its effectiveness.

Our newly-launched PCIAW®ONLINE provides a platform to guide our audiences through the professional clothing industry. Reporting on the latest innovations whilst amplifying the platform to address the pressing challenges our industry faces. The PCIAW® understands that everyone can always learn more and it is our valued members who continually teach us. The PCIAW® is a member-driven community on a global scale and the more our industry collaborates, the more we progress.

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PCIAW® Trusted Members

Our message to you

For those businesses who engage with the PCIAW® in any capacity, our message to you, is to become a member and utilise us as a resource for development and innovation. If you have a new product launch or you need help in manufacturing or sourcing; want to take advantage of our vast supplier and buyer databases or are facing challenges in understanding how to get the most out of your tendering process – the PCIAW® are the association to help your business grow.

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