Opportunity: PCIAW® trade delegation for Tunisian textiles manufacturing


The Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) are driving nearshore partnership with Tunisia to support UK manufacturers. PCIAW® and his excellency, Nabil Ben Khdedher, Tunisian Ambassador to the UK, are proud to announce we will be taking a Trade delegation of PCIAW Trusted Members to Tunisia in May.

The PCIAW® trade delegation to Tunisia
PCIAW is inviting our Trusted Members to attend the trade delegation to Tunisia from the 10th – 13th May 2022. This trip is to help support our UK manufacturers and strengthen our growing relationship with our nearshore neighbours. This trip hopes to take the UK-Tunisia nearshore manufacturing project to the next stage.

PCIAW® driving Nearshore Partnership to support UK manufacturers

Nearshore collaboration coming into fruition 
The Tunisian Ambassador has shown a commitment to the UK and European professional clothing industries, helping our manufacturers to find a more sustainable way to produce their clothing. PCIAW® is proud to see the collaborative efforts of both the Tunisian textile manufacturers and professional clothing suppliers in the UK come to fruition. With increasing demand for UK manufacturers, this partnership is a promising step in the right direction.

The program for the PCIAW® trade delegation 
The Tunisian Export Promotion Agency (CEPEX) will be hosting a workshop to outline the attractive environment for investment. PCIAW® Trusted Members will partake in meetings with leading Tunisian manufactures to get an understanding of the people who could later become their partners. 

FTTH (Tunisian Federation for Textiles) will present the capabilities of the country’s manufacturers across the spectrum from fashion to technical textiles. CETTEX (the Tunisian Technical Centre for Textiles) will outline their capabilities in assisting research and development laboratory testing and analysis, and professional training, to secure the success of Tunisian textiles in these nearshore partnerships.

PCIAW® driving Nearshore Partnership to support UK manufacturers

Tour the factories of the best in Tunisian textile manufacturing 
CEPEX will transport the delegation of PCIAW® Trusted Members across the two days to tour a diverse selection of experienced factories. This trip will show our delegates why the Tunisian textiles industry is such a valuable asset to the UK. Tunisia is the 9th largest supplier of textiles and clothing to Europe, this new partnership and working relationship hopes to benefit UK manufacturers even more.

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