PCIAW® Introduces Transfar and Tanatex to its Global Membership

Transfar and Tanatex have joined PCIAW®, reinforcing the global association’s connections to the textile chemistry industry.

Transfar’s Factory

Transfar is a diversified industrial conglomerate with a global presence and multiple brands. Over the past 38 years since its inception, Transfar has expanded its business units to include Transfar Chemicals, Wynca Chemicals, Transfar Logistics, Transfar Science City, and Transfar Agriculture across cutting-edge fields, such as ecological chemicals and new materials, intelligent logistics, life science, and technology-driven agriculture. With two listed companies and more than 15,000 employees, Transfar’s products and services reach over 130 countries and regions worldwide.

Transfar Chemicals focuses on functional chemistry and new materials, providing competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services for textile, papermaking, plastics, construction, and other industries related to people’s livelihoods.

Transfar’s Administration Building

Transfar Textile Chemicals is a global chemical business covering more than 80 countries and regions. In 2016, we fully acquired Tanatex Chemicals to accelerate globalisation layout. As a leading company in the textile chemicals industry, we insist on providing customers with leading, high-value and one-stop system solutions that can be applied in clothing, home and industrial textiles. The company adheres to green, low-carbon and high-quality development. They work with more than 6,000 partners along the textile value chain and are committed to bringing innovative chemical technology to every individual, family and organization to create an ecological and high-quality lifestyle.

Tanatex Chemicals is an international organisation that sells, develops, and produces chemicals for the textile industry. They have been active for more than 60 years, originating from Bayer and Sybron. Since 2007, TANATEX has been an independent provider of speciality chemicals for the textile industry. Its headquarters are located in Ede, the Netherlands with operating offices all over the world. Their experts are constantly providing customers and brand partners with answers to their textile challenges. With these answers, they optimize production processes, improve the quality of textiles and turn them into the perfect product for the end-user. They combine expertise, experience and a personal approach to be the best co-creating partner possible. This way, they help make textiles better, smarter, more sustainable and extra valuable to the user.  

The PCIAW® works diligently to strengthen the influence of the industry and enable future development through a single industry-specific voice, providing solutions which facilitate business growth, product innovation and strong brands for PCIAW® Trusted Members.

PCIAW® works across the entire supply chain of the professional clothing industry, from fibre, thread and yarn producers; fabric, fastenings and accessories companies; to the end-product manufacturers from head to toe. As PCIAW® connects the professional clothing industry, our Trusted Members have become ever more interconnected as they collaboratively adopt each other’s innovative technologies to achieve higher quality.

We strive to expand our international membership base to reach every corner of the globe. Our Trusted Members include the likes of Milliken & Company, Cooneen, Hunter Apparel Solutions, Carrington Textiles, Daletec, Hohenstein, BTTG® / Shirley Technologies, Madeira, W L Gore, ANIVEC, Incorporatewear, and Cobmex Apparel, and we continue to grow our network and create connections every year.

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