PCIAW® Media Pack 2021-2022 now available and proudly sets the agenda

PCIAW® Media Pack 2021-22

The PCIAW® have thought long and hard about the hot topics that are predicted to be critically important to the professional clothing and PPE industry over the next year. We will now start making plans on how to tackle the biggest questions. Click here to read our features list.

In addition to the agenda set, we can with great excitement announce the details of the PCIAW® Summit and Awards 2021, which we know our members and readers have been asking so many questions about and with overwhelming enthusiasm. Click here to find out the dates.

PCIAW® wants to celebrate your achievements so keep sharing your latest news stories with us.

After a turbulent year, we understand and appreciate everyone’s desire to make-up for lost time, to find new opportunities and build upon the adaptations that their operations have been forced to pursue due to the pandemic, in order to regain strength in the industry and to go forward and prosper.

The PCIAW® is ready to work in collaboration with the most innovative businesses in the professional clothing and PPE industry. Our members have exclusive access to a vast, global network of buyers and together we open-up doors for new opportunities. The PCIAW® helps our suppliers find the right buyers but of equal importance are the buyers finding the right suppliers.

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