PCIAW® speakers

Continuing with our focus on the speakers at the forthcoming PCIAW ® summit, today we look at Alan Murray.
Alan Murray has been in the Safety and Health Industry since the 1980’s – He has led the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) as Chief Executive since the start of 2014.
The BSIF is dedicated to supporting those who keep people safe and healthy at work and is passionate that Safety and Health in the UK are appreciated. BSIF administers the Registered Safety Suppliers Scheme ensuring quality products are available to users through a capable supply chain. BSIF also manages the Fit2Fit Respiratory Protection Face Fitting Accreditation programme. The BSIF is the recognised Trade Body for the UK Safety and Health market and our members include manufacturers and distributors of Personal Protective Equipment as well as specialist service providers to the Safety and Health market.
Over the last 2 years BSIF has been guiding the market on the transition to the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and advising on the impacts of Brexit.
In 2019 Alan Murray becomes President of the European Safety Federation, the grouping of national bodies whose work is focused on lobbying and advising within the organisation of the EU.

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