With the PCIAW ® summit on June 18th, drawing ever closer let’s just remind ourselves of the impressive array of speakers who will be speaking.  We begin with the Founder of Calvelex, César Araújo .
César has more than thirty years experience in the textile and clothing industry and is the descendant of a tailoring family.  He founded Calvelex in 1985 with only twenty employees and grew the business to one of the biggest clothing companies in Portugal, with offices in London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Dalian (China) and clients from all over the world.
ANIVEC represents the clothing and fashion industry from Portugal, gathering more than six thousand national companies, which are responsible for more than 3.2 billion euros in exports.
PCIAW®  proudly welcomes César as a non-executive member of the first UK and Worldwide sector-specific trade body, his experience will be invaluable to the board.

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