PCIAW® Summit & Awards 2023: Save the Date

Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) is preparing to host the PCIAW® Summit & Awards in Portugal for the very first time on 7-9 November 2023, located at the iconic and award-winning venue – Alfandega Congress Centre, Porto – on the bank of the Douro River.

The annual event organised by PCIAW® – the trade association for professional clothing and the textiles supply chain – gathers industry professionals from around the world to educate on new innovations and share knowledge on solutions to shared industry challenges.

The PCIAW® Summit & Awards is dedicated to the uniform, workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) markets, offering a platform for networking and collaboration in a sector that is highly technical and design-led – manufacturing products that protects people working in hazardous environments, whilst enhancing a brand’s identity.

Hosting the PCIAW® Summit & Awards in Portugal

The decision to host the 2023 event outside of the UK was made by PCIAW®’s Board of Directors to develop the international scope of the trade body, which has a membership base spanning four continents: Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

PCIAW® chose Portugal as the destination for the PCIAW® Summit & Awards to act as a bridge in the global textiles supply chain and because the country’s mission to become one of the most sustainable and digitalised textile ecosystems in the world resonates with the objectives of the association – to create a circular economy for professional clothing.  

It is the ambition of the PCIAW® to alternate the location of the annual event between the UK and other European or Worldwide destinations, giving a voice to businesses operating in the uniform, workwear and PPE markets.

Yvette Ashby, Founder & CEO, PCIAW® said: “This is a hugely important step for PCIAW® as the event will greater connect the supply chain, being able to share knowledge, expand the network and be the essential platform and unified voice for the professional clothing industry.”

César Araújo, President of ANIVEC; CEO of Calvelex and PCIAW® Board Director commented: “Many of the PCIAW® Trusted Members currently manufacture in Portugal or are viewing the textiles ecosystem as a nearshore alternative. ANIVEC and PCIAW® will be facilitating factory visits on the first day – 7 November 2023 – providing greater business value for those reconsidering their supply chains, in addition to the opportunities for education, networking and celebration.

The PCIAW® Summit & Awards 2023

The PCIAW® Summit & Awards event takes place over three days from 7 – 9 November 2023.

  • 7 November – Textile and apparel factory tours for delegates arranged by ANIVEC the Portuguese association for clothing and apparel, who is a long-term partner of PCIAW®.
  • 8 November – PCIAW® Summit Part 1 begins at 9:30am until 1:30pm followed by a networking lunch. The PCIAW® Exhibition begins at 1:30pm until 4pm.
  • 9 November – PCIAW® Summit Part 2 begins at 9:30am until 1:00pm followed by a networking lunch. The PCIAW® Exhibition begins at 1:00pm until 4pm.
  • 9 November – PCIAW® Awards begins with a champagne reception at 6:00pm followed by a three-course gala dinner. The PCIAW® Awards ceremony begins at 7:30pm until 10:00pm, complete with an evening of networking and entertainment.

The PCIAW® Summit 2023

The headline topics will include the upcoming ecodesign regulations in the EU Green New Deal and its impending impact on the professional clothing industry, whilst expert speakers will shed light on the trend towards re-engineering supply chains in light of geopolitical tensions.

Digitalisation of garment production is also on the agenda, looking at streamlining processes to improve productivity, mitigate the effect of skill shortages and to reduce the environmental impact of the textiles industry by cutting out the need for physical samples.

The PCIAW® Summit has learning, development and networking at its core, bringing the industry together in one room whilst leading figures share expertise to help businesses navigate the direction of the uniform, workwear and PPE markets.

The PCIAW® Awards 2023

Championing innovation and best practices from businesses around the world, the PCIAW® Awards ceremony recognises talent and ingenuity from across the professional clothing supply chain.

There are 15 awards opportunities to win a globally-esteemed PCIAW® Award:

The PPE Innovation Awards

  • PPE Clothing Innovation Award
  • PPE Footwear Innovation Award
  • PPE Accessory Innovation Award

The Professional Clothing Design Awards

  • Corporate Clothing Design Award
  • Workwear Design Award
  • Inclusive Design Award
  • Fibre & Fabric Innovation Award

The Industry Recognition Awards

  • Best Managed Major Contract Award
  • Best Managed Boutique Contract Award
  • Nearshore Manufacturer Award
  • Industry 4.0 Award
  • New Talent Award
  • Sustainability Award
  • Woman of the Year Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Please note:

The online portal to apply for the PCIAW® Awards will open on 31st March 2023. Companies are eligible to apply for up to three awards, however entries must be for separate products or services.

Due to the increasing demand for applications to the PCIAW® Awards, applications are exclusive to members of PCIAW®. If you would like to apply for the awards and you are not yet a member, click the button below to become a PCIAW® Trusted Member.

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