PCIAW® Summit | Q&A with Alan Murray

Preparations are well under the way for the PCIAW® Summit on the 18th June 2019 at the Montcalm Marble Arch, London and as the day draws closer and closer, the feedback and excitement about the event is reaching an all-time high.
The PCIAW® Summit pivots around providing the delegates of the Summit with the most up-to-date information regarding the issues that affect the professional clothing industry the most. The PCIAW® is proud to present the many speakers who will be talking at the Summit, who are experts in their field and can offer the industry information, guidance and advice that can not otherwise be acquired.
The PCIAW® is delighted to announce that Alan Murray, CEO of BSIF, will speaking at the Summit on ‘Health at Work – the risks, the opportunities and how changes in EU legislation will impact.’
Alan Murray has been in the Safety and Health Industry since the 1980’s – He has led the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) as Chief Executive since the start of 2014. BSIF also manages the Fit2Fit Respiratory Protection Face Fitting Accreditation programme.  The BSIF is dedicated to supporting those who keep people safe and healthy at work and passionate that Safety and Health in the UK is appreciated as the force for good that it is.
BSIF administers the Registered Safety Suppliers Scheme ensuring quality products are available to users through a capable supply chain. BSIF also manages the Fit2Fit Respiratory Protection Face Fitting Accreditation programme. The BSIF is the recognised Trade Body for the UK Safety and Health market and our members include manufacturers and distributors of Personal Protective Equipment as well as specialist service providers to the Safety and Health market.
Over the last 2 years BSIF has been guiding the market on the transition to the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and advising on the impacts of Brexit.
In 2019 Alan Murray became President of the European Safety Federation, the grouping of national bodies whose work is focused on lobbying and advising within the organisation of the EU.
We spoke with Alan to hear his thoughts on some of the question’s readers of the PCIAW Voice most wanted answering:

  • Can you give us a hint to main elements of your presentation at the PCIAW Summit?

         At this stage and with Brexit I will cover the potential impacts of the UKCA mark (which will come in instead of the CE mark) and the BSIF Registered  Safety Supplier Scheme.

  • With your vast knowledge of the Health and Safety Industry, what do you consider to be the most pressing matter faced by the industry as a whole and how does this relate to the professional clothing industry?

        The issue of standards for Personal Protective Equipment products including clothing and the need to mirror European standards. Few if any products are manufactured for consumption in the UK in isolation and if standards diverge over time there will be additional costs which will ultimately be borne by the consumer.

  • How large of an effect are you anticipating the EU chances to legislation to have on businesses?

        It depends on what the changes are, their scope and quantity. The industry has been run on common EU standards for 30 years which are understood by the supply chain and users. Change will have a significant impact.

  • PPE is one of the most important sectors of the professional clothing industry. How has the transition to the new PPE Regulation affected the market?

         It has affected the market but BSIF has done all it can to support the economic operators in the process so to a large extent the regulation is understood. It has to be said that some very important interpretations such as the definition of “placing product on the market” have evolved over the last year and this has meant constantly informing the market of developments. Ensuring that everyone is up to speed and in compliance is another challenge of course. Market Surveillance is the responsibility of the member state, while the Regulation itself is law European wide. This leads to authorities interpreting differently. This is a problem.

  • What are you hoping delegates of the PCIAW Summit will take away with them from your presentation?

         That not all economic operators in the supply chain are equal and that as PPE is vital to safety, consumers must be discerning.
To hear Alan’s full presentation on Health at Work, make sure you attend the PCIAW® Summit on the 18th June 2019 at the Montcalm Marble Arch, London.
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