PCIAW® Summit | Q&A with Chris Murray

Here at the PCIAW®, we are more than thrilled to be organising the highly-anticipated, international, first-ever Summit of the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide.
The Summit will be the most informative and extensive networking opportunity of the year, with debates and presentations from some of the Professional Clothing Industry’s finest. There will be over 15 speakers that will be covering the vast array of topics that are the most concerning and relevant to the professional clothing industry, such as the effects of Brexit and the age-old question of sustainability.
The PCIAW® is proud to announce that Chris Murray CBE FCILT (Vice President Defence and Government Services, Europe, Agility Logistics) will be holding a deeply engaging and informative insight into ‘How complex logistics in challenging environments can help address the challenges and threats to our own industry’.
Chris is primarily responsible for the development of Defence and Government contract opportunities and new strategic partnerships in the UK and Europe.
During his tenure, Chris has secured significant contract wins with the UK MoD in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cyprus, South Sudan, and the UK. Agility played a key role in the strategic redeployment from Afghanistan by disposing of a vast range and volume of equipment that Defence did not wish to recover to the UK.  Agility executes a number of key services for the MoD including operational disposal activity, cargo aircraft chartering, the sale of surplus aviation spares, the movement of armoured vehicles in Europe, providing a Global Removal Service for Household Goods and the delivery of military equipment to challenging destinations.
We spoke with Chris to hear the answers to some of the questions our readers are most eager to hear about in his presentation at the Summit:

  • What do you think is the most pressing issue concerning Logistics in the present day?

Harnessing technology to deliver sustainable logistic solutions.  Your particular industry is going to come under increased scrutiny for your environmental impact.

  • Could you give us a hint to what your presentation at the PCIAW®  Summit will include?

I am at heart an Army logistician and have most of my experience at the ‘violent end of the supply chain’.  I intend to explore how some of those experiences have some direct relevance to the Professional Clothing Industry. 

  • How important is an organised and productive Logistics department in correlation to a thriving business?

Like most businesses you of course need great product and innovative people.  Logistics, if you neglect it, can reduce your profitability or it can kill your business.   It was the same in the Army – warfare is the art of the logistically feasible.

  • With your vast expertise in Logistics, what would you say is the most fundamental aspect of a successful Logistic division?

FORESIGHT.  It’s one of the principles of logistics.  One of the principles of war is SURPRISE but it doesn’t work quite so well in logistics!

  • And finally, what talk at the PCIAW®   Summit are you most looking forward to attending?

All of them – I don’t know enough about your industry and I’m hoping to have an education.
Chris’ presentation is bound to be deeply edifying and will cover – in his own words – ‘the violent end of the supply chain’. Here at the PCIAW® we are more than eager to hear Chris’ presentation on this vital issue within the Professional Clothing industry.
If you are interested in hearing Chris give his presentation on Logistics, then please visit https://pciaw.org/ for more information on how to book your ticket to the Summit or call one of the team at +44 (0)1908 411 415

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