PCIAW® Summit | Q&A with Leanne Howard

The issue of Size and Fit causes great conflict throughout the Professional Clothing industry. Well-fitting clothing is an absolute must throughout the entire industry from PPE to Corporatewear and must be handled correctly.
We have asked Leanne Howard, Sales Executive at Gerber Technology Ltd, to speak at the PCIAW® Summit on the 18th June 2019 at the Montcalm Marble Arch in London. Leanne’s presentation is titled ‘What size should I buy? How will it fit? How do I ensure I have the right products available at the right time for my customers?’
Leanne has over 10 years’ experience working in the apparel and retail sector. Her experience spans the full chain from suppliers through to brands, retailers and manufacturers. Currently working for Gerber Technology, Leanne helps apparel organisations to implement industry-leading software and hardware solutions across design, development and production.
Given her capability across various apparel industries including workwear, Leanne has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organisations today including quality and fit, speed to market and cost control. Due to this, we were eager to speak with Leanne and hear her answers to some of our most pressing questions before the Summit itself:

  • Can you give us a hint to what your presentation at the PCIAW Summit will include?

          My presentation will focus on the issue of fit and highlighting some of the ways in which technology can help you to provide the right fitting garments at the right time and at the right cost.

  • What do you hope delegates will take away with them from your talk?

           A knowledge that they are not alone when it comes to perfecting size and fit and that there are many tools available to help them in this area.

  • What do you consider to be the most pressing issue regarding size and fit?

          First and foremost, it is understanding your customer’s body shapes and needs which will vary from industry to industry. Then, it is ensuring you take control of fit earlier in the process to guarantee consistency across your range to meet those needs.

  • With your vast expertise in this industry, what do you believe most businesses need to be aware of with sizing that they may not have considered?

           I am sure most businesses are aware but may underestimate the importance of clearly communicating their size and shape specifications to suppliers. Communication with suppliers is often carried out by email and is non-visual, meaning requirements can get lost in translation resulting in poorly fitting garments.

We can’t wait to hear Leanne’s full presentation at the PCIAW® Summit. To make sure you don’t miss out on your place to get insider information into tackling the challenge of size and fit, visit https://pciaw.org/pciaw-summit-2019/buy-tickets/ to book your tickets!
Or visit https://pciaw.org/pciaw-summit-2019/ to find out more about the Summit itself.
We look forward to greeting you there!

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