PCIAW®Summit | Q&A with Nathan Shipley

PCIAW® Summit | Q&A with Nathan Shipley
With the 18th June approaching, the anticipation for the PCIAW® summit is continuing to climb.
The undeniable expertise of the many speakers who will be presenting at the event is what will make the Summit such a uniquely informative experience. The Summit is primarily dedicated to the delegates who attend.
The PCIAW® is delighted to announce that Nathan Shipley (PPE Group Certification Manager of BSI Group) will be talking at the PCIAW®  Summit on ‘BSI, PPE and Brexit.’
Nathan Shipley has worked at BSI for 23 years in all areas of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) approvals from product testing to product certification. Nathan is now the PPE Group Certification Manager and manages the BSI PPE certification team which has seen massive changes over the last couple of years with the introduction of the PPE Regulation and of course Brexit. Nathan has sat on a number of committees relating to PPE certification and standards including heading up the team that wrote the PAS 015:2011 standard for equestrian helmets, he is also the vice chair of the BSIF Test and Certification committee.
Given Nathan’s vast expertise in this area, his presentation at the PCIAW® Summit will no doubt prove to be one of great informativity and guidance. We spoke with Nathan to hear his thoughts on a few of the most pressing questions we had for him.

  • Can you give us a hint to the main elements of your presentation at the PCIAW® Summit?

The main points that I will be looking at include the impact of the PPE Regulation and the methods by which manufacturers can access the EU as a market. I will also be touching on market access into the UK and also the Middle East in a post-Brexit landscape.

  • In your opinion, what is the biggest factor of PPE Regulation that will be affected by Brexit?

The main thing is the fact that at the moment the PPE Regulatory landscape is a very changing scenario. Hopefully, by the time I present in June, I will have some hard information which will be informative to the audience.

  • Do you think that there is enough awareness throughout the professional clothing industry in regards to changes to PPE Regulation?

The PPE Regulation changes have been our mantra for the last 3 years however more awareness is still needed. Manufacturers seem to have fallen into two camps – those ahead of the curve and making the change and those still with work still to do.

  • What would you most like delegates to take away from your presentation?

BSI is on hand to guide organizations through any changes and make them as easy as possible.

  • How substantial is the link between changing technologies within PPE and PPE Regulation?

Clothing wise there are some massive impacts. Motorcycle clothing is now covered under the PPE Regulation whereas it wasn’t before, there are specific classifications for clothing used to protect against stabbing, bullets and also high-pressure water cutting which is also new. The Regulation has acknowledged these.

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