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PCIAW® Voice

In preparation for November’s edition of PCIAW®VOICE, we would like to reach out for contributions in relation to our upcoming features in the magazine. Get in contact and share your insights with the new Editor at declan@pciaw.org. The deadline for contributions is November 17 2020.

Innovation in antiviral materials

Since the pandemic caught the world off-guard, businesses have innovated to mass-produce masks to protect against viruses and bacteria. Which materials have proven most successful what companies are leading the way?

Gloves and PPE essentials

During a period of unprecedented demand for PPE, we want to explore the options available and discover what works best. What factors determine whether PPE is fit for purpose?


The subject on everyone’s lips, even in the midst of a global pandemic. We want to hear how your company is making a notable change to tackle the issue of sustainability. What sustainable products are in the market and what sets them apart?

Ear protection and eye protection

We want to focus on the ear protection and eye protection market in the PPE sector and shine a spotlight on the companies who have created innovative new products in this sector.

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