PCIAW® Welcomes Sky Soles to Trusted Member Network

The PCIAW® is excited to welcome Sky Soles into our association of trusted members, expanding our expertise in specialised professional footwear for the aviation industry.

Located in Melbourne Australia, Sky Soles originated from a recognised need amongst aircrew for specialised aviation footwear. They are a family business that thrives on innovation and quality. Being part of Ron Clarke & Sons – A 2nd generation footwear business that has been manufacturing and supplying footwear since 1972, the company have over 50 years of industry experience making them experts in the field of footwear.

Sky Soles puts it heart, soul and countless design hours into crafting bespoke footwear for the uniformed aviation professional. A need for comfortable, technologically advanced, custom-designed shoes was the cornerstone behind the Sky Soles brand. Their founder, Zac, is an international pilot, hence the concept of Designed By Crew, For Crew. Sky Soles have been able to use this connection to the industry to conduct extensive consultations with cabin crew, ground crew and pilots, providing a strong foundation of information on which to inspire our constant search for the latest innovations.

Aviation is a cutting-edge industry that consistently pushes boundaries, and places unnatural demands on the human body. In Australia, 22% of workplace injuries are caused by slips or trips, and in fact, Safework Australia statistics show that nearly 4000 workplace injuries occur to the feet and toes nationally every year. It is due to these statistics that Sky Soles maintains a paramount focus on providing the safest, most comfortable footwear for not only aviation, but any professionally uniformed industry including corporate wear, hotels, healthcare, cruise and rail.

Sky Soles’ diverse expertise in specialised footwear design backed by decades of manufacturing excellence will be a valuable asset to the PCIAW® membership. We look forward to their contributions in advancing safety and comfort in airline uniforms, and we encourage any buyer in the aviation industry to consider what benefits Sky Soles can bring to their staff.

The PCIAW® works diligently to strengthen the influence of the industry and enable future development through a single industry-specific voice, providing solutions which facilitate business growth, product innovation and strong brands for PCIAW® Trusted Members.

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We strive to expand our international membership base to reach every corner of the globe. Our Trusted Members include the likes of Milliken & Company, Lycra, Cooneen, Carrington Textiles, Daletec, Hohenstein, Madeira, W. L. Gore, and Workwear Uniform Group, and we continue to grow our network and create connections every year.

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