PCIAW® welcomes Supercrease® Ltd as a Trusted Member

The PCIAW® embraces Supercrease®’s new position in its thriving and rewarding network, introducing their revolutionary creasing technology to our global membership.

Supercrease® is the best and most cost-effective way to make a pre-existing crease “permanent”, being the inventors and patent holders of their brilliant and unique system. They deliver unbeatable levels of crease retention for all types of wear, withstanding 150 wash or dry-clean cycles. It is rainproof and heat resistant, in addition to saving time with no need for ironing. Supercrease® can be added to trousers, skirts, shirts and jackets – anywhere where a permanent smart crease is required.

There are a range of benefits to using their system, in addition to supporting a fully carbon neutral company. Such benefits include:

  • Increasing revenues, as Supercrease® is one of the most profitable add-ons in the clothing industry.
  • Manufacturers are licensed, allowing the technology to be used when servicing customers internationally.
  • Supercrease® offers a comprehensive support package, set-up, and training for customers.
  • They are proud to manufacture in the UK, supporting British heritage.
  • Their technology is safe and biodegradable, certified by the Hohenstein Institute and Oeko-tex accredited.
  • Supercrease® instantly makes a garment easy care.

There are many potential uses for Supercrease®’s technology, and the PCIAW® is enormously proud to introduce Supercrease® to our members. Environmentally conscious and innovative ideas are at the core of PCIAW®’s message, so this revolution in the creasing industry is a perfect fit for our organisation.

Read more about Supercrease® here.

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PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member