Peter Broom, Meryl® Fabrics, joins the Uniform Buyers’ Network webinar panel


Peter Broom, Director and Technical Innovator at Meryl® Fabrics, is joining the panel on the Uniform Buyers’ Network studio webinar on 6th April 2022 at 2:30 pm.

Meryl® Fabrics

The Uniform Buyers’ Network (UBN) webinar is educational for buyers of professional clothing and the UBN Associates from Virgin Galactic, Natwest and Air Canada will interview Peter to understand the potential now, and of the future for the circular economy.

Introducing Peter from Meryl® Fabrics
Peter Broom is the Director and Technical Innovator at Meryl® Fabrics. Peter looks at the latest trends in uniform and workwear fabrics with sustainability and protection at the core of every project.

Peter looks at how workwear can be improved and how to develop more effective and even more sustainable alternatives to help maintain hygiene and safety in the workplace.

Meryl® Fabrics are leading the way on innovative solutions to the worlds textile-driven environmental impact with full circularity using pre and post-consumer recycling processes to give companies the opportunity to easily integrate environmentally friendly workwear and fabrics into their business.

We are excited to have Peter join our speakers at the Uniform Buyers’ Network. Click the link below to register.