Pincroft’s military textiles expertise spans over 160 years of combined know how

With a team boasting over a century and a half of combined experience in military textiles and state-of-the-art technology, Pincroft is a global leader in military fabric dyeing, finishing, and printing. Key figures within the company, such as Graham Dobson, Howard Martin, Ian Rawcliffe, Louise Sheridan and Roy Mellor, highlight Pincroft’s commitment to innovation and excellence in this specialised sector.

Graham Dobson – Head of Defence and Security Fabrics

Bringing 39 years of textiles experience, Graham Dobson’s career is a testament to his expertise in high-performance fabrics for military use. Dobson’s hands-on experience and deep understanding of the industry have been instrumental in his role. He points out the challenge of working with transient military requirements managers, stressing the need for patience and tenacity. Dobson’s creative solutions, such as integrating specific landmass patterns into camouflage designs, showcase Pincroft’s ability to deliver bespoke fabric printing.

Howard Martin – Dyehouse Manager

Howard Martin’s 36-year career at Pincroft, from his early days in lab work to his current role as Dyehouse Manager, highlights his deep expertise in textile dyeing and production. His education at Bolton Institute of Technology, a BSC in Textiles and extensive on-the-job training have equipped him to handle the diverse challenges of military fabric production. Howard points out the difficulties in sourcing specialist dyes and meeting strict specifications, but his team’s ability to continuously overcome these hurdles reinforces Pincroft’s global reputation for military textile excellence. Looking forward, Howard envisions advancements in fabrics offering complete concealment, including infrared and thermal capabilities, as well as lighter, more comfortable materials.

Ian Rawcliffe – Technical Manager

Ian Rawcliffe’s 38-year tenure in the textile industry, fuelled by his early interest in science and technology, has seen him rise from Laboratory Technician to Technical Manager. His extensive education, including a degree in Textile Technology from Bolton University, combined with practical experience, provides a solid foundation for his role. Ian highlights the challenge of balancing performance, protection, and comfort in military fabrics. His team’s innovative work, such as introducing a single-sided anti-vector finish using novel spray technology, reflects Pincroft’s commitment to advancing military textile technology.

Louise Sheridan – Business Development Manager

With over 20 years in the textile industry, Louise Sheridan’s journey from an Apprentice Textile Technician to Business Development Manager underscores her dedication and passion for textiles. Her extensive training, including multiple NVQ levels in Yarn Technology, Manufacturing Textiles and Technical Textiles, equips her with the knowledge to address the complex needs of military fabrics. Louise highlights the challenge of balancing comfort and protection in military uniforms, emphasising the importance of lightweight, stretch fabrics, and textile solutions that progress faster than emerging AI software technologies for soldier detection.

Roy Mellor – Assistant Technical Manager

With 29 years in the textile industry, Roy Mellor’s career path, initially rooted in electrical engineering, shifted towards textiles due to an apprenticeship opportunity. Roy’s comprehensive training during his apprenticeship and his mentorship experiences have been crucial in his professional development. He underscores the importance of adapting to changing military requirements and leveraging supplier relationships to drive innovation. Roy’s focus on understanding technological advancements ensures that Pincroft remains at the cutting edge of military textile solutions.

Pincroft’s team of experts, with their wealth of experience and commitment to innovation, positions the company as a leader in the military textiles sector. By continually investing in technology and skill development, Pincroft ensures it meets the evolving needs of armed forces worldwide, providing fabrics that are both highly functional and protective.

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