Pineapple Production Rebrands for Launch

Pineapple Production AS rebrands to Around Systems and enters market

To better reflect our offer to the market Pineapple Production AS is rebranding to Around. The company’s official new name is Around Systems AS.

What started off as an idea during a development project in 2018 toward the defence sector turned into a full textile system approach during the course of 2021.

As we identified missing links and tools for both open loop and close loop cycles, it became evident that these links needed to come into place since a product is not circular only by design, but that products need to come into a system and be guided by principles that go far beyond the physical design of the product.

Our core product, the TextileLock sewing thread co-developed with Swiss-based technology company Climatex AG, enables automated disassembly of textile hybrids. Blending a biological/natural cycle with a technical cycle can be more or less advanced, but it’s clear that disruptors are one of the major hurdles in the full cycle of textile products.

Another crucial step for a scalable cycle is identification. Our systemic approach starts from the beginning.

Even the simplest t-shirt needs underlying basic information so it can be taken care of in the correct way and reach any of the 6 end of life solutions currently available for cotton.

Our goal is to be the go-to partner for a full lifecycle management for any textile product, although we excel at more complex materials and designs.

In the past 2 years we have eliminated technical risk and proven we can handle scale. One big advantage to other processes is the fact the machine infrastructure is available worldwide and does not need significant initial investment.

As we move past our proof of concept and into piloting this fall, with the first full production implementation planned for by Q1 2024 we encourage stakeholders to engage with us in further talks. Each brand and segment in the industry has its set of requirements, our goal is to meet these requirements with solutions that make it happen.

To keep up to date with our progress, please follow us on LinkedIn and feel free to take further contact via mail if you have any specific questions. We do not have all the answers to date, but we will get there!


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