Pioneering Wardrobe Solutions: The Ecmanage Story

Founded in 2010, Ecmanage is the wardrobe management software designed to make keeping track of workwear, PPE and technical tools as easy as possible. Signing its first customers in the same year as launching, the business has grown rapidly to cater for a broad range of clients across the world.

The software has been adopted everywhere in the professional clothing supply chain, from producers and suppliers of uniform to technical wholesalers and government institutions. By tailoring the software’s advantages to each client market, Ecmanage has grown the platform to over 700,000 users who place thousands of orders per day through their platform.

Creating the app your business needs

Ecmanage is a vital tool for a variety of end-user organisations, upgrading and streamlining the ordering process. The developers give customers the freedom to create unique ordering portals specifically made to their needs, taking the stress and confusion out of the ordering process. The app can be as simple as you like, and is extensively customisable which allows users to build the app they need.

The team at Ecmanage also prides itself on listening to customer feedback. The company releases 4 major updates every year to add new functionality and improve the system, each update based on feedback provided by users and customers. As a result, Ecmanage always stays one step ahead of market demands and consistently offers the solutions and features their customers want the most.

A great example of their development ethos is the native app: Ecmanage held a questionnaire among customers to find out what developments they wished to see, and there was a huge interest in producing a native mobile app to serve users wherever and whenever they need to place orders. Mobile devices have become essential tools for modern businesses, and while web portals are great in most instances there was a need for a mobile app to deliver a better mobile user experience.

Ecmanage took this feedback and built their native app to enable users to order materials on the move, offering the same functionalities as the online portal. A budget allows the wearer to purchase clothing items within their assigned clothing set, and users have the option to register returns and see relevant documents about the usage of certain products. The app is designed for maximum ease of use, with Face and Touch ID enabled login in addition to the flexibility and efficiency tools their customers have come to expect.

Protecting clients on-site and online

Ecmanage distinguishes itself from many competitors in its space by being ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, standards relating to digital data protection. They meet these standards at the company level rather than just at a server level, meaning your data and profile are private and protected, all the time, every time. Ecmanage takes pride in being one of the only wardrobe management systems to achieve these standards, underlining their commitment to your data security with regular PEN testing by KPMG.

Clients are also protected through Ecmanage’s native app, with a wider array of security options compared to a web app, and system integrations which will make full use of the tools available on the user’s device.

Furthermore, Ecmanage has implemented a wide range of integrations using OCI, cXML and Single Sign On. Using this module the platform boasts Oracle, Jaggaer and Ariba integration, just to name a few. Larger customers often have more specific requirements for these integrations, and for these customers, Ecmanage also offers the option to add custom logic. The development team are familiar with 30+ different ERP systems with which they have created ordering integrations.

Straight from the source

At the heart of Ecmanage is the customer experience, which guides both software and company development. This focus on the user leads to happier customers, and in a survey of current users the average customer satisfaction score was 8.9 / 10.

Here’s what some of Ecmanage’s customers wanted to share about the software:

“Ecmanage saved us a lot of time, and they helped us gain new customers. They are vital for us to manage customers such as the Royal Dutch Airlines, without Ecmanage that wouldn’t be possible”.
– Schijvens

“After comparing various systems, it turned out that Ecmanage was the system with the most possibilities: in fact, the possibilities are limitless. Next to that, the security in terms of ISO 27001 is a very important aspect.”
– Van Den Ijssel Bedrijfskleding

“Speed and convenience are key aspects for us, that is why we chose Ecmanage. Besides, they continue with developments that the market asks for. A good example of the development of Ecmanage is the native app, with which we can distinguish us from our competitors.”
– HKV Ochten

You can view more feedback on their website at:

Using Ecmanage can also form part of the user organisation’s sustainability strategy, reducing the volume of textile waste and returns. By saving data on a user’s size to their profile companies don’t need to order multiple sizes to find the right match. Every order and return has an associated carbon cost due to the packaging and transportation, so by providing users with an easy-to-use intuitive app which eliminates confusion, Ecmanage can reduce textile waste in the ordering process.

A trusted global partner

Increasingly global companies are choosing Ecmanage to help them overcome the pain points the ordering process brings. A recent example is DEXIS, which now use the Ecmanage wardrobe system across multiple countries. Ecmanage also has long-lasting contracts with major government institutions across the world, including police forces and fire services, helping to ensure frontline workers can access the PPE they need.

Additionally, the Ecmanage platform was recently introduced to the aviation industry and has been adopted by leading companies such as Royal Dutch Airlines, Eurowings and Brussels Airlines for their uniform orders.

The company has comfortably expanded their reach beyond their home market of The Netherlands, with customers such as G4S, Direct Corporate Clothing PLC and Ballyclare. Their customer base extends from the UK to South Africa, and the developers offer localisation in 11 different languages, with more to come. With a passion for providing top-of-the-line wardrobe management solutions for the professional clothing industry, Ecmanage provides a simple and effective service to help you dress and protect your workers with ease. From security to customisability and sustainability support, Ecmanage is the tool which enables clients to build the wardrobe management tool they need, their way.

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