Polartec x Ariat: Work Hard, Wear Harder

Since 1993, Ariat has led the way in comfort, compliance, and performance in equestrian sports, workwear spaces, and other outdoor activities where toughness and durability is needed.
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Since 1993, Ariat has led the way in comfort, compliance, and performance in equestrian sports, workwear spaces, and other outdoor activities where toughness and durability is needed.

Ariat and Polartec hold a strong belief that hard work requires hardworking gear, making quality products that won’t quit for people who live and work outdoors. The secret to their success? A healthy combination of smart design, thirst for innovation, and brilliant collaboration with other leading brands.

Ariat has been a creator of premium Polartec flame-resistant (FR) products for years. The collaboration has evolved FR workwear apparel and accessories from stiff, boardy attire people couldn’t wait to take off, to safe, stylish, and comfortable clothing people love to keep on.

This winter, they’re introducing Ariat’s Rebar Polartec Elite Series, a 2021 Polartec Apex Award winner and a first-of-its-kind layering system for the “Athletes of Work.”

The triple crown of layering

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The Rebar Elite Series is a unique thermoregulating layering system designed for men and women of work. It’s a premium collection of apparel that draws inspiration from the outdoor adventurer’s method of staying warm and comfortable. Polartec has been a leader in that space for 40 years and combining that expertise with Ariat’s established presence in workwear made for an unprecedented collection that supports some of our most essential workers.

“Engineered from an athletic perspective, the Rebar Elite Series is designed to perform at maximum comfort level,” said Susan Glynn, VP of Apparel Design & Development at Ariat International. “Through the Rebar Elite Series, we want to bring forth ultimate innovation and continue to push design forward. Polartec has been a long-term partner since the inception of Ariat’s apparel line and naturally, a perfect collaborator for this collection.”

Winner of the 2021 Polartec Apex Design Award, The Rebar Polartec Elite Series by Ariat uses a breadth of Polartec fabric technologies and treatments that goes from warm, warmer, to warmest.


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A quality foundation is the most important piece of apparel in any system. Ariat chose Polartec® Power Grid fabric for the ¼ Zip Baselayer because of its all-around performance to keep you dry and comfortable in a range of conditions. This fabric technology is meticulously engineered with a patented grid fleece construction knit to increase warmth and breathability without adding weight. Its geometric patterns promote moisture wicking and transfer sweat vapour to the outside. Polartec® Power Grid fabric is odour resistant and built with inherent sun protection with a UPF+ rating of 50, making it a premium option that works as a standalone piece as well.


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Ariat selected Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece for the Full Zip Sweatshirt in case you need to reach far and wide without any restriction. This fabric technology is built for durable stretch and recovery, meeting the demanding push and pull of activity. Power Stretch fabric gives you a soft fleece interior and an outer surface with a low-friction finish, making it a versatile fabric that can layer perfectly with others or be used as a standalone jacket.

The Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric has also been treated with Polartec® Hardface®, a patented polymer surface treatment fused at the fibre level to dramatically increase durability, abrasion resistance, and water repellency. It’s the finishing touch to an already tough mid-layer piece.


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For warmth at its highest level, when working conditions are too cold and harsh, Ariat chose Polartec® Power Fill insulation with a waterproof shell for the Waterproof Insulated Jacket for maximum warmth, comfort, and protection – making the unbearable, bearable. This fabric technology is the first package insulation made with 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, going well with both Polartec and Ariat’s ethos of sustainable solutions.

This proprietary technology generates a soft and pliable matrix of spun hollow fibres, creating an endless series of thermal air pockets both around and inside the fibres themselves. As a result, it retains maximum body heat, keeps cold air out, remains extremely lightweight, and is highly compressible. It’s a total reimagination of fill insulation that performs better than traditional designs due to its superior durability. Polartec® Power Fill is the perfect cherry on top for this advanced layering series.

The future of workwear

We may be looking at the future of how we think about workwear apparel with Ariat’s Rebar Polartec Elite Series. And it definitely won’t be the last time we draw inspiration from the outdoor world to maximize thermoregulation and protection at work.

When you’re an outdoor workhorse, these are the elements that matter in your daily life that you don’t get to think about too often: staying warm, comfortable, dry, safe, lightweight, flexible, and durable. Ariat and Polartec do the work for you.

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Source and Image: Polartec and Ariat