Portugal hosts Professional Clothing Awards 2018

Special thanks to Portugal for hosting The Professional Clothing Awards 2018. César Araújo, President of Anivec gave a fantastic speech on the night.
Read it below:
As President of Anivec – the Portuguese association of clothing, apparel and fashion industry, let me start by thanking Yvette for organizing and inviting Portugal to, once again, host the professional clothing awards gala.
I would like to extend a very special greeting to the ambassador Manuel Lobo Antunes, who has honored us with his presence today. To Manuel Carlos, from Apiccaps, Portuguese association of footwear, thank you for all the support you have given us. Allow me to also greet Rui Boavista Marques, from AICEP- trade and investment of Portugal.
Dear guests, welcome!
As host of this gala, I would like to mention a few notes of the Portuguese clothing and footwear industry.
We live in a time of fast technological evolution and instability of the global market, but Portugal is still a safe haven for those who want to invest, produce or establish partnerships in the fashion industry.
Many of you already know, that Portugal produces with quality, reliability and speed at competitive rates. Our industry provides the shortest lead time, in the main producing countries. But not everyone knows that Portugal is also very strong in engineering and product design.
Portugal provides all the needed steps of the chain production, with a sophisticated manufacturing process.
We have made a strong investment in the innovation and the development of highly technical products, and we offer graduate and postgraduate training in textile engineering to our employees. We have technological interface centers and nanotechnologies applied to textiles, which are already a reference in the world. Our industry is ruled by high principles of social and environmental sustainability.
Finally, we highlight the excellent working conditions in production and service areas. We care about the environment, so, we did an important investment in energy efficiency, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
It is now clear to everyone that the major international players in fashion, find in the Portuguese industry the best solutions for clothing and footwear. We can help you overcome all kinds of challenges, offering quality, flexibility, speed and logistics, creativity and sophistication.
You can totally rely on Portugal!
Thank you very much.

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