Portuguese Secretary of State for Internationalisation, Eurico Brilhante Dias Visits Calvelex

From Calvelex, LinkedIn page

The Secretary of State for Internationalisation, Eurico Brilhante Dias visited Calvelex this afternoon, starting a two-day tour by several exporting companies of different activities in the districts of Braga and Porto. During the visit, which was also attended by the mayor of Lousada, Pedro Machado, the company’s administrators, Cesar Araujo and presented to Marco Araujo of Calvelex and the challenges and strategies currently underway to boost the activity of the confection company, which employs about 600 people and exports 100% of its production.

As president of ANIVEC, César Araújo also told the Secretary of State for Internationalisation of the current concerns of companies in the sector, namely credit insurance, which are “manifestly insufficient in this industry focused on foreign markets”, as well as the impact of the fashion consumption crisis that is already felt and that will be reflected in orders to companies producing clothing in the coming months. The President of ANIVEC therefore called on the Government to consider extending some of the measures to support the sector, including the simplified lay-off.
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