Portwest Exhibiting at APEX Global Expo 2024

PCIAW® is excited to announce Portwest as an exhibitor at the APEX Global Expo for the aviation industry, which will take place in Long Beach California this 28th – 30th October 2024. PCIAW® is working with APEX to deliver professional clothing to aviation staff both above and below the wing, connecting airlines with suppliers of uniform, workwear, and PPE.

Taking Stand 1357 at the APEX Global Expo, Portwest is a global leader in workwear, safety footwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and is one of the fastest-growing protective wear companies in the world. Portwest specialises in high visibility and flame-resistant workwear, and hand and foot protection products, in addition to a wide range of PPE.

Portwest’s History and Global Presence

Founded in Ireland in 1904, Portwest proudly remains a family-owned company, now in its fourth generation. With over 5,300 employees worldwide, Portwest has a strong global presence, with sales spanning over 130 countries. The company operates warehouses in 13 countries, and five fully owned manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia, giving them full control of product production and supply chain management.

For over 120 years Portwest has possessed an unrelenting ambition to produce the world’s most trusted and requested protective wear. Through the decades, the company have continuously proven their dedication to quality, producing world-beating products, while pushing the boundaries in protection technologies.

Supporting workers in diverse roles

Portwest is a complete solution for all workwear and PPE requirements. The company designs and manufactures one of the broadest ranges of high visibility and workwear garments on the market, in addition to flame-resistant and arc flash protective clothing. Portwest’s hand and foot protection ranges are developed to offer protection in all working environments, and their PPE range includes hearing, head, eye and respiratory protection to keep employees safe whatever the task.

As a global manufacturer of protective wear, Portwest products are rigorously and independently tested to international standards and certified by accredited test houses and notified bodies across the world.

Portwest offers a completely customised service where they can design, manufacture, certify and brand a bespoke uniform for any company. Focusing on aviation, Portwest can deliver tailored workwear and PPE for below-the-wing wearers and can cater for above-wing roles too with off-the-shelf solutions.

Superior fabric technologies

The company’s development process starts by taking the time to understand the evolving needs of workers in the airline industry, developing solutions for the specific conditions and risks faced by these workers. Working with the very latest of advanced fabrics and component technologies to piece together styles that balance comfort, durability with the highest level of protection achievable.

Texpel™ Splash Eco was developed to offer an eco-conscious waterproof finish, completely free of PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkylated substance). PFAS coatings have historically been used in waterproof garments for their long-lasting water and dirt-repellent qualities but are known to be harmful as they persist in the environment. Texpel Eco was developed to remove these environmentally harmful PFAS without compromising product performance or longevity. After extensive wear trials, the Portwest team have developed Texpel Eco splash to offer the same exceptional water and dirt repellence as traditional water-resistant treatments, keeping wearers dry and comfortable whilst being kinder to the environment.

Texpel™ SOS is their premium fabric finish which repels oil and liquids, causing them to bead up and roll off the fabric surface. This fabric finish also helps release stains in the washing process, keeping garments looking cleaner for longer.

Texpel™ Wicking is their premium fabric finish which wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you fresh and comfortable. Offering powerful protection from stains, the fabric blocks bad odours and provides enhanced breathability.

Insulatex™ Pro is their most advanced lightweight thermal lining with a supreme warmth-to-weight ratio. Constructed using hollow fibre technology, this soft insulating fabric has millions of air pockets that trap air and body heat offering maximum protection in extreme cold and wet conditions. Providing superior lightweight comfort to the wearer without adding bulk.

CorePro™ Armour is Portwest’s highly abrasive 4-way stretch fabric made with ultra-strong nylon fibre for excellent tear resistance and durability. The 3-dimensional fabric surface make it the perfect material for heavy-duty reinforcement on high-wear areas such as knees and elbows.

The CorePro™ Indestructible stretch panels are precision-engineered in high-wear areas to provide the highest levels of abrasion resistance and durability. Tested to 100,000 rubs, this hardwearing fabric ensures maximum longevity in the toughest environments.

Creating garments for all workers

Portwest’s 4-way stretch fabrics have been independently tested to provide 30% more flex than standard fabrics. Their protective garments feature additional stretch panels in key movement areas to ensure workers can work unrestricted. The company also offers styles in a broad range of sizes from XXS to 8XL.

When creating protective wear for women, their designers are focused on reducing risk and increasing comfort, allowing workers to do their job unhindered. Garments are designed in line with average women’s measurements such as height and arm length, thus reducing the risk of tripping or snagging. Additional tailoring around the waist and hips ensures maximum comfort over long periods of time.

Sustainability and Quality Assurance

Portwest are constantly researching new and alternative product materials. The company is a proud partner of Cotton Made in Africa, and has committed to producing 1 million products using cotton certified by Cotton made in Africa as well as using GRS-certified recycled polyester across their eco-conscious range.

In 2023, all repellent garments now have a PFA “forever chemical” free alternative finish, identified by their Texpel Eco logo. In addition to this, Portwest products go through rigorous testing including wash testing and abrasion testing, often more than standard certification requirements, to ensure long-lasting quality.

Portwest proudly holds the Ecovadis Gold sustainability rating. Ecovadis is a third-party certified sustainability audit that examines policies, procedures and actions taken across their pillars.

Full Transparency and Supply Chain Management

Portwest operates and manages five fully owned manufacturing facilities giving them greater visibility, flexibility and ensuring higher standards and quality. Working in state-of-the-art conditions and using high-technology production systems enables them to guarantee consistent quality and market-leading lead times.

They have implemented a rigorous onboarding process for all suppliers and are a member of Sedex, enabling them to identify and mitigate risks within their supply chain, as well as informing the priority topics they need to engage with their partners on.

Portwest’s extensive experience in workwear and PPE makes them a valuable partner for the airline industry, with their ability to provide customised solutions for airline personnel. Coupled with innovative fabric technologies like Texpel™ Splash Eco, Portwest is equipped to face the unique challenges of the aviation industry. As Portwest prepare to showcase their offerings on Stand 1357 at the APEX Global Expo in October 2024, Portwest demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable protective wear tailored to the needs of workers in the aviation industry and more.

Website: https://www.portwest.com/market
Email: customerservice@portwest.co.uk
Phone:  +44 1709 894 575

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