Portwest Joins PCIAW® as Trusted Member

The PCIAW® is thrilled to announce Portwest as our newest Trusted Member. With a rich heritage spanning over 120 years, Portwest has established itself as a global leader in workwear, safety footwear, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Portwest, a global leader in workwear, safety footwear and PPE and is one of the fastest growing protective wear companies in the world, specialising in high visibility, flame-resistant, workwear, hand and foot protection products in addition to a full range of personal protective equipment.

Founded in Ireland in 1904, Portwest proudly remains a family-owned company, now in its fourth generation. With over 5,300 employees worldwide, Portwest has a strong global presence, with sales spanning over 130 countries. The company operates warehouses in 13 countries, including Ireland, the UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Albania, Turkey, the UAE, China, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA.

Portwest manages five fully owned manufacturing facilities across Europe, North America, and Asia, giving them full control of product production and supply chain management. Working in state-of-the-art conditions and using high-technology production systems enables them to guarantee consistent quality and market-leading lead times. They proudly hold the Ecovadis Gold sustainability rating. Ecovadis is a third-party certified sustainability audit that examines policies, procedures and actions taken across their pillars.

For over 120 years they’ve possessed an unrelenting ambition to produce the world’s most trusted and requested protective wear. Through the decades, they have continuously proven their dedication to quality, producing world-beating safety garments, foot protection, hand protection and PPE, while pushing the boundaries in protection technologies. Technologies that make the workplace a safer place.

Their development process starts by taking the time to understand the evolving needs of professionals working across multiple industries. This understanding helps them to develop industry-focused safety wear solutions to the specific risks faced by workers across a multitude of industries. Always working with the very latest of fabrics and component technologies they piece together styles that balance comfort, durability with the highest level of protection achievable. Portwest products are rigorously and independently tested to international standards and certified by accredited test houses and notified bodies across the world.

The PCIAW® welcomes Portwest’s wealth of experience and innovative approach to protective wear. We look forward to sharing the valuable insights and expertise they will bring to our association, further strengthening our collective mission to advance safety, quality, and sustainability in the professional clothing industry.

The PCIAW® works diligently to strengthen the influence of the industry and enable future development through a single industry-specific voice, providing solutions which facilitate business growth, product innovation and strong brands for PCIAW® Trusted Members.

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We strive to expand our international membership base to reach every corner of the globe. Our Trusted Members include the likes of Milliken & Company, Lycra, Cooneen, Carrington Textiles, Daletec, Hohenstein, Madeira, W. L. Gore, and Workwear Uniform Group, and we continue to grow our network and create connections every year.

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member