PPE: Crisis or Opportunity?

PPE - Crisis or Opportunity

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How do I deliver a sustainable uniform programme?




PPE: Crisis or Opportunity webinar


PPE: Crisis or Opportunity?

partnership with
Gerber Technology

Wednesday 25th November, 2:30 – 4:00pm

Gerber Technology
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The shortage of PPE due to COVID-19 has exposed the flaws of the PPE industry due to its dependence on outsourced supply chains, whilst healthcare and emergency services battled the heart-breaking consequences.

How will this pandemic change the PPE industry’s approach to different end-users? How will PPE companies seize this tremendous growth opportunity?

We have seen during this pandemic private equity companies being favoured over established manufacturers and suppliers. As an industry, how can we do better?



Adam Mansell, UKFT



Richard Jessup, Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology


Paul Bryce, Ansell (UK) Ltd.

Gerber Technology



Samantha Fernando, Keela International 



Sustainability webinar


Are you ready to change?

In partnership with INVISTA CORDURA® Brand

Tuesday 24th November, 2:30 – 4:00pm

CORDURA® Brand fabric
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The PCIAW® have gathered in this international webinar some of the leading companies that are already making the required changes.

Studies have shown that the textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, after aviation.
Sustainability should not be a buzz-word or a marketing tool, it should be the centre of all our thought processes, strategies and planning methods. It is fundamental that we look to the past to see what we have done to our planet, to truly comprehend the changes we must make, for the industry to progress forward with a sustainable future.




Cindy McNaull, INVISTA CORDURA® Brand

CORDURA® Brand fabric



Tim Cross, Project Plan B

Project Plan B



Cyndi Rhoades, Worn Again Technologies

Worn Again Technologies


Sean Moore, Carrington Textiles

Carrington Textiles



Alexandra Steger, Lenzing




Catherine Salvidge, WRAP



UKCA Marking of PPE webinar


UKCA Marking of PPE

In partnership with SATRA

Thursday 26th November, 2:30 – 4:00pm

Register for the UKCA Marking of PPE webinar


The pandemic has changed the world as we know it and Brexit will be changing Britain as we know it.

From the 1st of January 2021, the UK is expected to adopt its own PPE legislation, including the use of a new UKCA mark for the first time in decades.

Our team of panellists are here to explain what this means to the industry and discuss how it can affect UK businesses and their international trading partners. This webinar should equip listeners with the knowledge to prepare for the upcoming changes.



Adam Mansell, UKFT




Simon Courtney, SATRA



Manufacturing & Sourcing webinar


Manufacturing & Sourcing

In partnership with Gerber Technology

Friday 27th November, 2:30 – 4:00pm

Gerber Technology
Register for the Manufacturing webinar


In a global world, where businesses need compete on an international scale, do manufacturers and suppliers have the resilience to cope in a disrupted market. In the pandemic, we saw borders close, prices increase and goods simply not being delivered.

Now what contingencies are being put in place to change the processes in the future?


Jonathan Edberg, Cobmex Apparel UK Ltd.

CORDURA® Brand fabric



Richard Jessup, Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology



Rob Sayles, Seahawk Apparel

Seahawk Apparel



Steve Zalkin, NAUMD




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Murray Uniforms upcoming webinar: How do I deliver a sustainable uniform programme?

Murray Uniforms upcoming webinar: How do I deliver a sustainable uniform programme?

Dimensions: a sustainable solution to plastic pollution

Multi-million pound research programme to expand smart inks and textiles





The UK government’s PPE spending spree: National Audit Office report

The UK government’s PPE spending spree: National Audit Office report

UK COVID-19 procurement: watchdog finds MPs’ contacts were given priority

Go-between paid £21m in taxpayer funds for NHS PPE






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