PPE Industry News: Eye Protection

Winter is coming and eye protection from fog seems to be necessary in order to prevent our worker to suffer injuries.
The cold climate, as well as, the difference between outdoor and indoor temperature can cause lens to fog. As a direct consequence, workers may plausibly remove eye wear and put themselves in a dangerous situation. Glasses with premium anti-fog coating seem to be required in order to prevent this phenomenon and guarantee worker’s safety.
The market still does not offer enough anti-fog coatings which are needed in order to solve this problem. Many products in commerce fog up in few seconds or lose their cover after being frequently cleaned. A premium anti-fog product should guarantee the protection and visibility for more than 180 seconds and have properties such as being hydropholic and hydrophobic.
Safety glasses should be a must have for our workers and nowadays many companies are working in order to produce quality products to maximize eye protection.
Please check our supplier’s websites to find the best eye protection products currently available in the market. Please also check the link below to acquire further information on the topic: https://www.safetyandhealthmagazine.com/articles/17600-eye-protection-to-prevent-fogging
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