PPE Industry News: Zero Waste Goals

Sustainability has been a topic of debate in the clothing industry for over twenty years.
As a result, nowadays it is common to recycle primary commodities and a lot has been done in order to implement the recycling of secondary commodities with the purpose of achieving a zero waste policy for our businesses.
Primary commodities products such as inter alia, cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminium have been effectively recycled and re-introduced in the market as new products. Nevertheless, in order to reduce pollution and achieve our zero waste goals, it is necessary to start recycling also second commodities such as glove and apparel recycling.
The Right Cycle Program – launched in 2011 by Kimberly-Clark Professional – is considered as a first large scale recycling project which allowed more than 600 tons of waste to be effectively recycled. PPE equipment – which belongs to the general waste category – can now be recycled and re-join the market. According to The Right Cycle Program scientific manager Jennifer Shaffer,“By recycling rather than discarding nitrile gloves, safety eyewear and single-use apparel, companies can divert these hard-to-recycle waste streams from the landfill and get one step closer to achieving their zero waste goals.”
Companies specialized in PPE already know how important is to recycle and achieve their zero waste goals. Please check our suppliers to find the best products available in the market.
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