PPSS Group launch Cut-Tex PRO Cut Resistant Fabric in Black Colour

Following several years of extensive research and development, UK based PPSS Group have today launched a highly anticipated black version of their knitted high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Text PRO.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group said: ‘Cut-Tex PRO is a thoroughly field-tested cut resistant fabric, used to manufacture potentially lifesaving slash and cut resistant clothing for law enforcement and other homeland security professionals’.

‘The most common question we have faced over the past years is: Can you produce it in a much darker colour? From today onwards we can now answer this questions with: Yes, we can!’

Frontline professionals dealing with potentially aggressive, hostile or intoxicated members of the public are at risk of being attacked with edged weapons, knives, razor blades and broken glass.

Cut-Tex PRO enables uniform, workwear and tactical apparel manufacturers to incorporate a dependable and ultra-durable cut resistant fabric into their garment designs to help protect their clients and customers.

Protecting especially key arteries and blood vessels means effectively preventing lacerations, cuts and subsequent rapid blood loss, shock and ultimately loss of valuable life.

Cut-Tex PRO is a knitted cut resistant fabric, not much thicker than a normal T-Shirt and very soft to touch.

At pH 6.6, Cut-Tex PRO has a pH value similar to that of water. This makes it an extremely low risk skin irritation fabric.

It offers EN 388:2016 cut resistance level E and level 5 based on the previous EN 388:2003 standard. It has also been tested and certified to ANSI/ISEA 2016 cut resistance level A5.

Cut-Tex PRO is available in individual rolls. Each roll is 25m long and 80cm wide. When cut open the fabric is 1.6m wide.

The MOQ for the black version is 12 rolls, equalling 1 standard pallet.

The fabric is only available for purchase directly from PPSS Group.

For any questions or to find out some more information, please contact the relevant department of the company directly: info@cut-tex.com

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