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Ecmanage Wins G4S Contract

The Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide has closely watched the development of outstandingly innovative software company Ecmanage for many years.
It is our great pleasure to announce their monumental new achievement, winning the G4S contract, which speaks highly of their wardrobe management system.

In the Beginning

Founded by Ron Wessels, Sales Director, and Evert Van Es, Software Architect, the online wardrobe management system is an ordering system dedicated to the supply chain for the professional clothing industry.
Ron Wessels has twenty years of experience in corporate wear and workwear, demonstrating an extensive understanding of the professional clothing industry that is vital for the success of Ecmanage. Evert Van Es has over 20 years of experience in IT and was able to implement and oversee the technological demands that comes with working in software.
Ecmanage is already market leader in The Netherlands and for that reason decided in 2018 to break into the UK and European market to begin offering companies a wardrobe management system that exceeded all expectations.

Recent Developments

Ecmanage is the only wardrobe system to has been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate. They have always handled their business and the data provided to them with great care and in 2017, they decided to adjust their company in order to meet the requirements set by the ISO 27001 and NEN7510 standards for organisations in the context of information security.
Ecmanage prioritises keeping their software as up-to-date and safe as possible. Every two years Ecmanage hires KPMG’s services to put together a substantial report of the business, making a point of establishing the company’s weak spots to then put in the necessary updates and preventative measures as needed.
Profile Ecmanage 2This pro-active, performancedriven initiative has led to great success for Ecmanage. The police force and firefighting service in The Netherlands has chosen to use Ecmanage – though not an easy process, with all of Ecmanage’s staff needing a screen test beforehand – along with 2,000 other companies within The Netherlands.
When asked why their services had been chosen, Ron Wessels stated, “They chose Ecmanage because we met their needs and priorities. The police and fire service needed to know if the system would be safe and that, fundamentally, it would work efficiently. We provided those requirements and much more.”
The reach of Ecmanage is becoming more and more prominent. Their focus is now spreading from The Netherlands to Denmark to Belgium and, finally, to the U.K.
Although Ecmanage provides to the police and fire service, most of their customers tend to be small to medium sized regional companies who are suppliers of workwear, uniform – and even tools! Such companies use the system to manage the bespoke ordering process of ordering workwear with logos or protective equipment and tools. Ecmanage’s customers are varied from schools to public transport companies.
Uniform and workwear is often sourced using a tender and more often than not, an ordering system is required for these tenders. Ecmanage can help those suppliers to successfully bid for tender when an ordering system is required.

G4S Contract Win

Profile Ecmanage 3Ecmanage has recently won a contract with G4S – the world’s leading integrated security company.
“We are extremely happy with this contract,” Ron Wessels stated. “G4S needed all of their information in one centralised system and it is great for us to be able to provide that. We gave G4S a demonstration of our product over a year ago and then after consideration, they let us know we had been chosen. We had been working closely with them in The Netherlands for the last six years, so they were able to see our constant innovation and development of the product.”

Sonja Kurris, Process Manager at G4S stated, “There are multiple reasons to award the contract to ecmanage. First of all we needed an independent workwear registration portal, in case G4S wants to change workwear supplier in future, this would not then affect our employees. Next to that we already had experience with the portal in the Netherlands and still are very happy in using it.
One of the main reasons is that the system is easy to implement cross country because of the scalability and flexibility of all functionalities and therefore meets the needs of the specific countries.”
When asked if this new partnership will enhance G4S’ performance, Sonja Kurris explained, “By using ecmanage we have better control on the complete workwear process. The issuing, turning in, destruction, reuse and cleaning of workwear is better managed and thereby reduces the spend.”

Why it is So Successful

When quizzed on the enormity of its success, Ron Wessels was quick to explain that Ecmanage is able to run alongside current systems. Companies are able to bring in Ecmanage alongside whatever they may already have in place, for Ecmanage to enhance their original product.
Ecmanage asks for a yearly fee but included in this yearly fee are the constant updates, innovation and product development that Ecmanage value so highly.
“It’s the most complete and innovative system in the market at the moment,” Ron Wessels stated. “Because we are receiving so much input from the companies we work with, now we are constantly taking that feedback on board to make improvements and additions to the system at no extra charge to the customers.”
Ecmanage won four contracts in Belgium without any extreme or long-term marketing, down purely to the reputation of the wardrobe management system.
Ron Wessels stated, “Joining the PCIAW® and becoming a full member is another important development for the further growth of our business.”

Future Developments – What to Watch

Profile Ecmanage 4In February, Ecmanage will reveal their latest project. It has been designed specifically for foreign markets, kicking off with the UK.
Upon entering the Ecmanage site, the customer will be able to fill in their company details, pay a charge of only £150.00 and then – with a specified number of wearers – do a trial of Ecmanage for three months.
If the customer is not satisfied enough with the system and doesn’t wish to continue, the system automatically stops after three months.
This is for future customers as an accessible way to see the system and understand how it would work within their companies and uncover the trove of benefits Ecmanage is able to provide.
The aim for Ecmanage has always been to develop the most complete, most efficient wardrobe management system within the professional clothing industry. Their commitment to innovative and continuous updates bring this aim ever closer.

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