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LENZING: the origin of solutions

At the end of 2019, the PCIAW® travelled to Salzburg, Austria, to visit Lenzing Fibres’ headquarters. Marvelled by the size of the plant, the PCIAW® were ushered out of the cold and into the world of Lenzing.

It is well known that Lenzing’s cellulose and fibres are the focal point in their solutions that are used in a wide variety of different industry sectors.
What isn’t so well known are the intricate steps Lenzing has to put into place to turn wood into a life-saving garment with specialist functions.
The value in our trip to Austria lay, not only in being able to meet the incredible team of Oliver Spöcker (Director Workwear & Protective Wear, Global Commercial Director FR fibres), Ulf Mathes (Protective Wear Europe & Americas, Technical Business Development), Alexandra Steger (Global Project Manager Workwear, Business Management Protective Wear & Workwear) and Peter Bartsch (Head of Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Sustainability), but in being able to truly learn what makes Lenzing stand out in the industry.
As stated by Lenzing, “Our biorefinery concept respects the assets of every tree: Use all, spoil none – we make the best use of this natural resource and turn it into as many valuable products as possible. Cellulose makes for about half of a tree’s natural content. The remaining parts, however, are equally precious. Therefore, we aim to utilise and commercialise all of the wood’s natural components by turning them into useful solutions for various industries.”
To Lenzing, sustainability is one of the most important facets of their business and this is reflected in the effort they dedicate to making sure each aspect of the wood they use is transformed into a useful and high-quality solution.

Lenzing to present at the PCIAW® Summit

We are beyond thrilled that Lenzing’s Alexandra Steger and Peter Bartsch have dedicated their time to presenting at the PCIAW® Summit which will be held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow, London.
The issue of sustainability is not casual to Lenzing; they are committed to finding solution-based best practises to implement in all facets of the business.
Alexandra and Peter’s presentation will be incredibly informative and we are delighted to be able to offer our attendees the chance to learn more about the most pressing topic facing our industry from such industry leaders.

Make sure to book your place at the PCIAW® Summit by e-mailing or giving the PCIAW® office a call on +44(0)1908 411 415.

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