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PDC on Providing Embedded Sustainability

Profile PDC 2We spoke with Max Hall from PDC to glean a better understanding of the excellent work PDC continue to embark on with sustainability. As an experienced Sales Manager, Max’s great perspective on businesses needs fully uncover the ins and outs to PDC’s commitment to sustainability.

Can you outline for us PDC’s policies and approach to the issue of sustainability?

As a leader in people ID, we really wish at heart to be a responsive and responsible organisation. Our policies and processes greatly highlight our considerations towards sustainability and the environment, both of which feature highly with our staff and global manufacturing plants. For example, we set-up a large waste reduction project for our UK Ipswich factory that considerably lowered our waste production. We also encourage recycling and we are developing end-of-life plans for our products to contribute towards a circular economy.
How does PDC aim to stand out when it comes to developing more sustainable and ethical practices that meet customer demands?
Our commitment to the environment is not new – it has long been embedded in our manufacturing and way of working. We are spending time researching materials and considering available options that are friendlier to the planet. We also speak a lot to our customers and involve them at all stages to ensure our products, such as the new eco-friendly namebadges range, are a practical fit within the environment and
their professional clothing and people ID needs.

What wider trends have you noticed taking place around sustainable products and fabrics and how have you responded to these?

Using products that are kinder to the environment is no longer simply an option. Consumers are more and more environmentally conscious, and they demand greener practices from the brands they buy from. Therefore, brands need to demonstrate their commitment and play an important part in protecting the planet.
It is even more sensitive in the customer-facing businesses. For example, we find that hotels are currently picking up on the environmental crisis and are ordering our eco products a lot. We are also talking more and more to corporates about the Impress Pro permanent name-badges for which there is huge interest. We have really made it easier for such industries to respond to these challenges with a new full range of products that is costeffective and highlights different aspects of sustainability and authenticity.

How has sustainability affected your manufacturing and supplying process?

As previously stated, it has long been embedded in our manufacturing and way of working. As a company, we are constantly reviewing our production processes and techniques, and considering “what’s next”. Our solutions must be practical and as sustainable as possible, in addition to being costeffective and resilient to always look smart and professional. In that regard, we have made huge progress in product
development and production. Moreover, our factory that produces our badges is in the United Kingdom, which means PCIAW®VOICE readers can buy locally from us, which is a very important aspect in terms of sustainability. We’re also a member of Made In Britain.

How has sustainability impacted the consumer’s choice?

Well, the impact is huge. Two parameters need to be taken into consideration: consumption continues to rise impressively, and green is everywhere. Consumers feel more and more concerned by the environmental situation but on the other hand, they still want to buy goods and enjoy the same standard of living. Businesses who haven’t yet, must face that reality. It applies to every sector and certainly for professional clothing.

What are the most important factors in sustainability when it comes to creating PDC’s product?

Profile PDC 3Many factors must be taken into consideration: from the product materials and the way it is manufactured to the product’s usage and its end-of-life. We spend a lot of time on the product itself, finding aterials that are better for the environment. We took real care in the selection of our raw material suppliers, making sure their products and way of working are in line with our commitments and that they have certification for that. We are also very proud of our factories. In the UK, the manufacturing plant in Ipswich spearheads the development of sustainable and innovative solutions using specialised techniques and high-precision technical instruments – including cutting-edge screen and digital printers, laser engravers, cutting machines, dispensers and laminators. We also take pride in the fact that our factories have prestigious certifications and memberships such as OEKO-TEX® or Sedex, demonstrating our commitment towards greener practices and ethical trade.

How does PDC see the issue of sustainability affecting your business and the professional clothing market in 2020?

Clothing is of course a very important point when it comes to customer facing employees. It has a huge impact on how a customer will perceive a brand, sometimes defining the first impression. Clothes underline a brand identity, going far beyond aesthetics. So, choosing the proper staff identification to finish an outfit in perfect line with a brand’s identity, including its environmental commitment, is crucial. PDC designed its products to fit every company’s needs in terms of branding and product requirement to protect our planet.

What new products has PDC released in response to the issue of sustainability?

Profile PDC 4We have a full range of eco-products going from permanent to reusable name-badges, lanyards and many more. They are all made of sustainable material such as wood, recycled and recyclable materials. The impress Pro, for example, is a permanent name-badge made from recycled acrylic. It is created using specialized techniques reducing the environmental impact: less water needed, less CO2 released. It has a glossy finishing that is perfect for a sophisticated look. Another ecoproduct which is very exciting is our new Wooden badge. It is made from sustainable alder wood. No plastic is used to make it, except the
fastener. A natural and very original look that fits perfectly to the current trends in terms of fashion and design.

Why would a company choose PDC for professional clothing people ID accessories?

There are number of things as a buyer that should be taken into consideration. One thing that can ease your life is to go for one-stop shop partners like PDC that easily supply you with all that you need and integrated solutions in a very easy way. For example, we have an online order platform called Click2Order that helps organisations order their ID products quickly and efficiently, giving ordering access to whoever needs it while maintaining consistent corporate branding.
We have outstanding quality standards, and with this, combined with our eco efforts and products, companies can easily meet their social-responsibility commitment by choosing us as a partner.

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