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Innovative Fabrics for ‘Top To Toe’ Comfort and Mobility in the Summer


Profile - SnickersPeter Dumigan, Managing Director of the Hultafors Group UK Ltd, which owns Snickers Workwear talks about the latest innovations in workwear fabric technology for ‘Top To Toe’ comfort and mobility on site in summer.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about buying the best-designed equipment to help them do their jobs better and more efficiently. But many will be surprised what a modest investment in the new stretch-comfort working clothes with 37.5® fabric technology can achieve in improving their summer workdays.
It’s not often that you see a craftsman or woman who isn’t wearing a pair of work trousers nowadays. They seem to be generally accepted as being the go-to garment for working on site – perceived to be practical
and functional, they generally have a selection of pockets to keep small tools and fixings close at hand and can cost anything from fifteen quid to over a hundred.
There’s a host of different types and brands of trousers to choose from – some are really smart, others look nothing more than a bag of rags after a few days wear and tear.
But as many employers and their craftsmen and women throughout the UK have found over the last year or so, it’s well worth taking the time and effort to invest in the latest innovatively designed workwear – properly designed and fully accredited. Working clothes that include not only standard workwear, but also fully accredited Protective Wear.
The new street-smart, stretch-comfort work trousers, accessories and 37.5® fabric technology Topwear have been designed, developed and tailored to provide more than just functionality – they incorporate 4-way stretch fabric and breathability that delivers comfort, flexibility and maximum mobility at work.

Choosing Workwear is no different from Performance Sportswear and Leisurewear

Over the last 40 years, workwear has undergone a sea change in design, development, manufacture and supply. It has certainly come a long way from the overalls you could get in a plastic bag from your local supplier. When choosing the right clothes for working on site, it’s important to find a ‘workwear system’ of garments and accessories which is designed for the specific personal requirements of your staff – more importantly, for how you want them to look and project your company’s corporate image.
Many employers and their staff now go about choosing their workwear in the same way as they do clothing for outdoor leisure activities – walking, hiking, jogging and climbing for instance. They choose clothes that deliver comfort, good looks, functionality and performance.
They also want to ensure that the clothes and particularly kneepads are tested and accredited against appropriate Protective Standards for differing working environments and weather conditions and risks on site.
You’ll find that some of the newest types of working clothes – jackets, topwear, undergarments, trousers and protective wear – are now made from the same fabrics you’ll find in performance sportswear and leisurewear – like the lightweight ‘37.5® Technology’ and 4-way stretch fabrics.
Snickers Workwear has been producing working clothes with these types of fabrics for some time now – leading the market as ever. They’ve been developed from research carried out among tradesmen and women, talking to them about what they need, by understanding those needs and translating that into working clothes that suit the way that people need to work, look and feel on site.

What makes the best work clothes worth the investment?

Profile Snickers 3Unlike the most basic workwear brands, market-leading garments are available in a range of different fabrics to suit the wear and tear of working on site. Fabrics that are hard-wearing and durable, washable and colourfast, comfortable, flexible and breathable, windproof and waterproof.
Function and comfort are more important than anything else in choosing the right work clothes. That’s why the newest and best workwear is made with 4-way stretch fabrics to be comfortable, to fit properly and to give freedom of movement, so that whatever people are doing on site, they can bend and stretch, kneel and sit, crouch and reach without feeling as though they’re in a straightjacket.
Snickers Workwear, for instance, has a wide selection of garments and accessories to suit differing work requirements as well as corporate needs. Among the newest 2020 styles you’ll find a unique blend of stretch-comfort and optimum functionality – 4-way stretch combined with pockets where you need them and functionality for tools and work materials.
So when you’re thinking about what your staff to wear on site, remember the old saying – If you buy cheap, you pay twice. Consider your employees working clothes as an investment in your company and their wellbeing and check that the clothes you’re buying have the kind of PPE accreditation you find in Snickers Workwear products.

Top Tips And Essentials

The best summer workwear is one that creates a Climate Control System for the body. It will help staff stay cool to make getting the job done as easy and comfortable as possible.
There are many factors that affect how comfortable your work clothes and safety shoes are, particularly the materials they’re made of and whether they’re right for the type of work you’re doing.


Profile Snickers 5If you’re on the move a lot or want to keep your feet cool, why not try out some of the newerstyle safety trainers that combine lightweight, breathable uppers and composite midsoles for comfort and protection. You can even get socks that will keep your feet cool, dry and ventilated.


Shorts are fine in really warm weather and some working environments, but they wont provide protection for your knees and lower legs. Work Trousers made from heavy fabrics will get really uncomfortable and impractical, so think about providing staff with lightweight work trousers made from a hi-tech fabric that combines comfort with durability.

Upper Body

Keeping comfortable and dry will keep you working efficiently, so get yourself headwear and topwear like shirts and lightweight jackets – including Hi-Vis vests – that work for you by pulling sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and your body temperature on an even keel. The last thing you need is for your clothes to get really wet through sweat, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and getting cold when the temperature drops.

Get the Right Fit

To make sure that your working clothes fit your body and the jobs you’ve got in hand, here’s some basic advice:

  • Choose clothes that not tight, but lightweight and comfortable but durable to protect important parts of your body, like your knees.
  • Choose ‘Climate Control’ fabrics that wick away sweat away from your skin.
  • In general, keep in mind that you don’t want any clothing that gets in the way of the work you’re doing.
  • Don’t wear clothes that become uncomfortable and therefore affect your concentration. For your own comfort and wellbeing, it’s important to stay alert and to pay attention toow you’re feeling when you’re working hard on a hot day.

Turning Down The Heat

“When the going gets really hot and humid, ventilation is the key” says Peter. “Look for hot weather garments that feature advanced designs and ‘intelligent’ materials – such as the ‘37.5® Technology’ fabric found in high-tech sportswear which is a fabric designed to transport moisture away from your body, helping you to stay cool and dry. In Snickers Workwear clothing we have found that this is an ideal fabric because it’s a highly breathable material that gives you exceptional moisture (sweat) transport, UV protection and anti-odour comfort”.

Facts About Sweat

Sweat is the cooling mechanism of the body. It protects us from overheating by turning moisture into vapour. This vapour needs to be released and ventilated away from your body or you will end up soaking wet. Which probably is your experience if you have worked in non-breathable materials during hot days.


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