PULSAR®: Visibly superior protection

PULSAR®, a global leader in high-performance apparel, continues to push the boundaries of innovation, and is proud to become the latest PCIAW®Trusted Member. 

Its certified, technologically advanced products ensure that wearers remain confident in the knowledge that they are protected from all elements and potential workplace hazards.

As a member of the British Safety Industry Federation’s (BSIF) Registered Safety Supplier Scheme for over 6 years, PULSAR® has consolidated its position as a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer of high-quality protective clothing.

PULSAR®’s innovative range of high-performance wear includes Flame-Retardant, Anti-Static, and Electric ARC clothing. 

The ground-breaking Evolution collection of Class 3 waterproof workwear and the Blizzard thermal collection keeps wearers warm in temperatures down to -15° during even the coldest winter months.

Prioritising the comfort and safety of the wearer without compromise will always be of paramount importance to PULSAR®. The hi-vis expert is committed to designing, creating and manufacturing the finest in ladies and men’s fit high-performance apparel. 

Beat the heat with PULSAR® Polo Shirts

PULSAR® has developed a range of durable Polo Shirts to ensure the wearer is protected to the highest level whilst working in the sun throughout the day.

All PULSAR® Polo Shirts, including the brand new Cut Resistant Polo Shirts, are manufactured using fabrics with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor Rating (UPF) of 40+. 

UPF’s are rated on a scale from 2 to 40+ based on the level of the protection they offer, with 40+ offering the highest possible form of protection from potential harmful UV rays. This is yet another example of the PULSAR® philosophy of providing garments that don’t just meet certain criteria, but exceed them – prioritising the health and wellbeing of the wearer at all times to ensure that they are as well-protected as they possibly can be.

Stay covered, stay safe

PULSAR® recently upgraded its polo shirts and incorporated underarm mesh ventilation to help the wearer stay cool and comfortable throughout the day, removing any need to take the polo shirt off in its entirety.

These two key features, combined with thermally applied stretchy reflective tape to increase flexibility and reduce any restriction in movement, plus a stand-up knitted collar and knitted cuffs that provide optimal fit and comfort, ensure that people can be protected to the maximum from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun whilst also staying cool, comfortable and flexible.

Prioritising the comfort and safety of the wearer without compromise will always be of paramount importance to PULSAR®

Braving the elements: PULSAR®’s Blizzard thermal collection

Since PULSAR®’s move into the world of protective clothing over 15 years ago, its mantra has been to break boundaries within the market and carry the pillars of quality, reliability, and innovation across everything they do.

The PULSAR® Blizzard thermal collection is reflective of the safety specialist’s commitment to creating high-performance protective clothing that exceeds wearer expectations.

The Blizzard collection is designed to maximise the warmth and comfort of the wearer in cold weather and working environments. The range is made up of Long Sleeve Tops, Short Sleeve T-Shirts and Long Pants, which are available in both men’s and ladies fits across two colours – Navy and White. The range also includes two balaclavas and a comfortable snood in order to maximise wearer warmth.

Exceptional thermal and wicking performance

The Blizzard thermals are an innovative mix of entirely polyester-VILOFT. All VILOFT fibres are 100% natural and made from renewable materials, as well as being completely degradable. 

These features have been increasingly important to PULSAR® when it comes to picking suppliers. As a leader in protective wear, PULSAR® is conscious of the need to become more sustainable in every aspect of its business; this collaboration with VILOFT is a significant part of this mission.

VILOFT fibres are 70% air, increasing flexibility and breathability, which in turn maximises the comfort of the wearer. As thermals are worn next to skin, it is vital that the fabric is soft to touch in order to ensure that the wearer stays comfortable for long periods of time.

The air pockets within the fabric also help store and retain body heat, consolidating warmth and reinforcing the essential purpose of a thermal base layer.

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