Putting Sustainability at the Heart of PPE

PULSAR® - Putting Sustainability at the Heart of PPE

Putting Sustainability at the Heart of PPE

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, PULSAR® has focused its attention on supporting the professional clothing industry in two ways: 

• Ensuring the production of PPE that is durable, safe, and comfortable 

• Continuing their commitment to sustainability 

AirGill Face Masks 
Over the last few months, wearing a face mask has become the norm for almost everyone. A face mask prevents the spread of viruses by eradicating the chance of inhaling airborne water droplets that contain the virus. However, the mask itself can become contaminated, leaving wearers possibly vulnerable to transmission of viruses through touching and adjusting a contaminated mask. 
PULSAR®’s AirGill face mask is a modest, comfortable and well-fitting face mask that offers its wearer technologically advanced protection features to combat the issue of a contaminated mask. 
The masks are treated with Polygiene ViralOff technology, which reduces viruses and bacteria by 99% within two hours. This technology stops viral activity through interaction with key proteins. It is applied to the fabric at the finishing stages of production. 
By treating the masks with Polygiene ViralOff, the AirGill face masks offer security, comfort and sustainability. Polygiene ViralOff ensures that the wearer does not need to excessively wash their mask as Polygiene ViralOff is an always-on treatment! 
As well as Polygiene ViralOff protection, the masks are treated with Polygiene Odor Crunch to break down any unpleasant odours that accumulate in the mask throughout the day. This technology again reduces the need for washing as the wearer can trust that the mask takes care of both cleanliness and provides protection. 
Stuart Jukes, Managing Director, stated: ‘The great thing about AirGill masks is that they incorporate a key value of PULSAR®’s – sustainability. It’s imperative that the public has access to the protection they need, but the cost to the planet has to be taken into account. Disposable masks are going to landfill. AirGill masks last longer and are treated specifically to ensure the safety of the wearer.’
PULSAR® is dedicated to being as mindful as possible about the impact their products have on the planet. Understandably, there has been a huge increase in production and sales of reusable and re-washable face masks. Whilst the need for face masks is undeniable, PULSAR®’s ethic is to remain conscious of their sustainable practises at all time.
PULSAR®’s products allow for the continuation in sustainability right down to the customer. It is vital that sustainability runs throughout the entirety of a business and PULSAR® implements this at all stages: 

• Shrinking swing tags by 90% to use less paper and less energy 

• Plastic attachments have been swapped for sustainable twine 

• Removed plastic banding from boxes 

• Installed insulation on their biggest warehouse rooves

• 60 solar panels on their biggest warehouse rooves

• Digitalisation of warehouse processes to be 100% paperless

If you are interested in learning more about PULSAR®’s products, please find their contact details below!
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