Quebec-based Stedfast becomes a PCIAW® Trusted Member

The PCIAW® is excited to welcome the protective barrier producer Stedfast into our global network, extending our reach to Granby, Quebec.

Stedfast is a world leader in protective barrier technologies. Since their founding in 1930, Stedfast has been a family-owned company with passionate teams.  Their headquarters in Granby, Quebec has been producing innovative coated and laminated technical textiles for over 90 years.  With the addition of a facility in Johnson City, Tennessee, and the acquisition of new equipment in Granby, they operate 2-state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing, testing and R&D. PCIAW® encourages innovation around the globe, so we are delighted to expand our reach in Quebec and incorporate Stedfast into our international community.

Every member of the Stedfast team is passionate about ensuring they provide exceptional quality in multifunctional barrier solutions, producing materials for:

  • National Defense
  • Medical PPE, Gowns & Drapes
  • Emergency Response
  • Law Enforcement
  • Workwear Safety
  • Industrial Sectors, including roofing and compost covers

Their STEDAIR® products are waterproof, breathable and chemical resistant barriers, designed with new technology that improves protection and comfort. Each product line matches the appropriate barrier technology to the garment, providing the proper protection in a variety of environments.

STEDAIR® PREVENT provides high air permeability for comfort while protecting end-users from potentially carcinogenic smoke particles by blocking greater than 99.9% of them. STEDAIR® GOLD exceeds the performance specified in NFPA 1971 by providing a much higher degree of thermal protection without compromising comfort for firefighters. STEDAIR® medical barriers protect healthcare personnel from the transfer of blood-borne pathogens and fluid penetration. STEDAIR® COBALT and STEDAIR® TUNGSTEN provide superior balance of comfort and protection for industrial chemical professionals. STEDAIR® products, in addition to STEDTHANE® and STEDPRENE® products, are also used to protect militaries around the world.

Stedfast is run by a family of forward-thinking investors with long-term business goals, re-investing a significant portion of their profits annually to ensure Stedfast’s products are always on the leading-edge of technology. 

As part of a commitment to protect the environment, Stedfast has also recently invested in the acquisition of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). This equipment essentially eliminates the emission of VOC’s and other air contaminates resulting from processing while reusing the heat and saving energy.

We look forward to supporting the excellent work that Stedfast does to protect the health and safety of their users, all while holding sustainability and development close to the heart of their business. We at PCIAW® are certain Stedfast’s dedication to innovation will allow them to create connections and flourish within our network, and we will assist them in every way we can. 

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Read more about Stedfast here.

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