Quickly Distribute and Spread Heat

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The Xelerate product line by Outlast® is designed for any product with an advanced demand for temperature and moisture regulation – from bedding to outdoor apparel.

Similar to a “distribution booster”, Xelerate fabrics combine phase change material with an additional heat-spreader technology to dissipate excess heat much faster and make the PCM process more active and efficient.

PCM + heat spreader are teaming up

PCMs absorb excess heat. The heatspreader technology helps to transport and spread the heat away from the source quickly. The PCMs at the heat source can regenerate faster and have a greater ability to reduce overheating.

In lab tests, we have proven that with the help of Outlast® Xelerate technology, the thermal conductivity can be increased by up to 30%. The advantage for consumers is obvious: With Xelerate, sweating is reduced even more and the heat and moisture management is working more effectively.

Among others, bedding products and active wear benefit ideally from Outlast®heat spreader technology.

Farewell to night sweat and hot flushes

During the night, many people suffer from “intolerable heat build-up”, which makes it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. Outlast’s climate-regulating phase change materials (PCM) which absorb, store and release excess body heat to reduce overheating and sweating, are a great solution to this.

For bedding products that are targeted to customer segments with an advanced demand for temperature and moisture regulation, the Xelerate product line is ideal. Similar to a “distribution booster”, these fabrics combine PCM with an additional heat-spreader technology dissipate excess heat much faster and make the PCM process more active and efficient for more comfort during sleep.

Xelerate products add an extra plus of technology to matresses, toppers, pillows and duvets for those that suffer from hot flushes and night sweat attacks, as they occur e.g. during menopause.

Boosted heat distribution for higher performance

Whether you’re on the slopes, at the gym or out for a hike, individuals like to be comfortable when they are enjoying their favorite activity. Although sweat may be seen as an indication of exertion for some, for most the excess sweat is the leading cause of discomfort, rubbing blisters, wet clothes during cool down phases and also unwanted odors.

Outlast® technology proactively reduces overheating before sweat occurs by absorbing, storing and releasing heat, depending on the environmental conditions. The innovative combination of intelligent Outlast® PCMs and heat spreading technology provides an accelerated level of performance.

Sweat attacks are quickly tackled by distributing heat spots equally and quickly. In addition, the ability of the Outlast® PCMs to go through the melting and crystallization process faster and more often, offers a more active and effective level of heat management – providing the wearer with the ultimate climate comfort.

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