Read PCIAW®VOICE Issue 14 Now

The PCIAW® is pleased to announce the publication of PCIAW®VOICE Issue 14, the premier magazine for the professional clothing industry.

Covering a variety of topics from inclusive design to the latest advancements in protective workwear, this year’s issue of PCIAW®VOICE outlines where the professional clothing industry has made progress regarding social responsibility and the application of new technologies. Issue 14 is also being distributed at A+A 2023 via the press stand and on Carrington Textiles’ stand at 16/E42. This year’s magazine is the ultimate showcase of the innovative companies and individuals at the forefront of textile and apparel manufacturing for professional clothing.

The event guide for the PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition and Awards 2023 is also included in the magazine. Readers can view the full agenda for the PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards which takes place this 7th – 9th November. The event features over 35 speakers discussing issues around the theme of “the new trajectory of professional clothing”, including new eco-regulations, supply chain resilience, and ensuring the health of frontline workers.

Use the buttons below to read or download the magazine, and if you would like to appear in next year’s print edition of PCIAW®VOICE email the editorial team or contact us via

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